ABOUT LUXYMOM™ – It-Girl Style For Moms and Mamas-to-Be™

LUXYMOM™ Founder and Editor Libby RomanoWelcome to LUXYMOM™, the site that showcases It-Girl Style for Moms and Mamas-To-Be.™

Whether you want style advice for how to be a stylish mom; outfit inspiration from your favorite fashion bloggers and mom bloggers; or whether you want to know what mom clothes to buy now – it’s all here.

One amazing, edited fashion resource for busy moms and mamas-to-be like you.

I’m Libby Romano – a former marketer, fashion designer, and personal stylist who was once named Chicago’s Hottest Bridal Stylist by Refinery29 – and now I’m a mom of two beautiful boys under the age of five.

I created LUXYMOM™ after having left the workforce to have my two babies, as a way to share my fashion knowledge and spend time with my family. I’m in the thick of raising young children, and I know first-hand that now it’s more work than ever to dress stylishly.

I’m sharing my own style as well as that of other fashion bloggers, mom bloggers, Instagram It-Girls, and fashion industry professionals. Together, we will piece together the puzzle of how to achieve impeccable style as a mom or mom-to-be. Let LUXYMOM™ be your ultimate resource for mom fashion.

Thank you for joining me and trusting me with your style needs, and please share this with all your mom friends!

LUXYMOM™ and You: Let’s Work Together

I’d love to connect with you, and I’m always interested in creative, smart, and innovative collaborations. Brands, blogs, media – and anyone with a fashion or style question – please reach out to Libby at hello@luxymom.com.