How to Wear The Best Bodysuit On The Planet

I recently wrote about one of my favorite new bodysuits – the First Love bodysuit from stāBody, a California-based line. Since then, I’ve gotten so many questions from friends and readers, saying “I’m looking at your picture on Instagram, and I can’t figure out how you put that on.” So today, I’m going to share with you a quick tutorial on how to wear one of the best bodysuits I’ve found yet, as well as some ways to style it. (While this is a sponsored post, in that I received free product, I would not write about it if I didn’t actually love it and use it in my real life. This product has my full endorsement).

How To Wear A Bodysuit
This bodysuit is so easy, comfortable, and fun to wear. It goes with everything!

How To Put On The stāBody First Love Body Suit

At first glance, this bodysuit can seem confusing. But let me reassure you, you’ll quickly find that the design is so much more beneficial than others on the market.

In the front, the top of the underwear portion is sewn into the bodice’s hemline of the suit. But in the back, they’re not sewn together, so it looks more like a separate cami and thong underwear.

Here’s where the first (and in my opinion, probably the most important) benefit comes in. You know when you’re wearing a regular bodysuit, and you find yourself out and about, having to use the ladies room?

With any other bodysuit, you’d have to completely undress just to use the bathroom. But with the First Love, you simply pull down the underwear portion of the suit from the back, and you may take care of business as you normally would.

No getting undressed. No uncomfortable zippers or buttons or any of that.

This is simple, this is comfortable, and this makes sense.

Black and White Bodysuits
These are the easiest bodysuits to put on and take off.

So… here’s how you put it on.

  1. Slip into it, feet first. Put your feet through the top, and then through the underwear portion.
  2. Pull up, situating the thongs over your hips before putting your arms through the armholes and adjusting.

That’s it. It stays put beautifully, and is just as easy to remove.

And here’s how you take it off.

  1. Pull it all the way down and step out. That was easy.

BUT… If you’re just using the bathroom, all you need to do is pull the thong portion down in back, and sit on the toilet as you normally would. No need to pull your entire top off! I hope you can picture this in your head – I wasn’t brave enough to take a photo of me doing this just yet!

staBody First Love Bodysuits
The white bodysuit is shown from the front view, while the back bodysuit is shown from the back.

The Many Ways To Style This Bodysuit

Here are five ways I like to wear my First Love bodysuit. It really can be worn almost anywhere! And it comes in white and black, so I recommend you get both! Keep reading for my discount code.

  1. Wear it to the gym. It looks great with a pair of leggings, and stays put nicely.
  2. Wear it with a maxi or midi skirt out for cocktails. I prefer a style that is somewhat high-waisted and sits at the small of your waistline for the best effect.
  3. Wear it lounging around the house. It pairs nicely as well with a pair of stylish and comfy joggers.
  4. Wear it under a lacy or sheer top for more coverage. You don’t have to show your bra under a see-through top!
  5. Wear it under a blazer with jeans, for a grown-up cocktail look.
Black Bodysuit and Jeans Outfit
A black bodysuit is the perfect top to pair with your favorite jeans. You can dress this outfit down with sandals, or dress it up with heels and a blazer.

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