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12 Ear Jackets You Need To Shop Now


Ear jackets are the new black. Just kidding – but they’re a pretty great recent addition to the world of earrings. I finally purchased two pairs after a million years of considering it – only because I’ve been so cemented lately in wearing the diamond studs given to me by my amazing husband.

Isn’t it true so much of the time that the older we get, the less adventurous we become? Let’s break out of our accessory shells!

Even if you’re a devout gifted-jewelry wearing mama, you can still change it up once in a while. Ear jackets are a great choice for those times when you want to wear a piece of jewelry that’s a little unique and really fun.

They’re perfect for daytime, for work, and for going out. I consider them extremely versatile and a great buy. Regardless of how much or how little you spend, you’ll be able to get a good cost per wear on these accessories.

Gold Crescent Ear Jackets

These gold crescent ear jackets from Gorjana are sweet and simple, yet such a fun addition to any outfit.

12 Versatile Ear Jackets To Shop Now

Below, you can shop the crescent-shaped earrings from the photo above, plus 11 other styles in all price ranges.