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20 Celebrity Mom Outfits And How To Copy Them Now


Celebrity moms have red carpet style that’ll make you drool, it’s true. But these women are still moms, who – just like us – raise kids, handle jobs, significant others, and all the minutia of day to day life with littles. And yet, they have a way of making mom clothes look so chic. Here are 20 celebrity mom approved and inspired outfits you can easily copy with minimal investment, and mostly using clothes you probably already own, to up your mom clothes style game.

Jessica Alba

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She’s an actress, a business mogul, and one of the most stylish moms on the planet. Here, Jessica Alba shows us the perfect mom outfit for just about any occasion. This outfit is absolutely perfect for moms, because this blouse and jeans combo can go from the car line at your kids’ school, to work, or the grocery store, a soccer game, lunch, or dinner. It’s one of the most versatile and timeless looks.

Style Exercise – Copy Jessica Alba’s Mom Outfit:

Most likely, you have a button down shirt of some sort in your closet already. And I know you have a few pairs of jeans.

Pull out as many blouses as you have, and then pull out all your blue jeans. Start mixing and matching, and see how the different tops pair with the different bottoms. Lay all your outfit combinations out, and snap a few pictures on your phone for reference.

Now, add in different types of shoes – heels, sandals, sneakers – and accessories. Pretty soon, you’ll have multiple outfit combinations to try out!

Kourtney Kardashian

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Kourtney’s outfit is a perfectly polished, sophisticated look that any mom can rock at the office, or to an evening outing. While it’s a pretty specific style of black and white suiting, it’s something you can copy relatively easily at home.

Style Exercise – Copy Kourtney Kardashian’s Mom Outfit:

Ever wear a pair of black pants to the office? Or have a nice pair you’ve been dying to wear, but haven’t been sure how to update them? Pull them out of your closet.

Next, pull one or more white blouses, and a black blazer and/or cardigan. And for your neckwear, grab a black tie, a black grosgrain ribbon, or even a string of pearls. Finish off with your favorite go-to pair of black pointy toe heels.

This is a gorgeous mom outfit for work or a girls night out or even date night.

Katie Holmes

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A t-shirt and jeans outfit is made super chic with a tweed blazer and pointy toe heels. This look is classic, and like Jessica Alba’s outfit above, it’s versatility scores it extra points with the mom crowd. It’s comfortable enough to wear out and about with your littles, as much as it is perfect to wear out to brunch with your girlfriends, or for a casual girls night out outfit.

Style Exercise – Copy Katie Holmes’ Mom Outfit:

All you need to copy Katie’s outfit are a pair of cropped jeans, a white t-shirt, a tweed (or other fun colored or printed) blazer, and a pair of nude pointy toe heels.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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If we want to talk about a great pair of mom jeans, let’s start with this Sarah Jessica Parker outfit. It’s monochromatic with shades of black and grey, and it’s glammed out with jewels on her belt and shoes. SJP’s look is great for all aspects of your day, from running errands to brunching to girls night out.

To copy this SJP mom outfit, you’ll need a cute black top, a pair of black or grey jeans, a statement belt and a pair of statement heels.

Jennifer Lopez

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An all white outfit is so chic for summer, but we all know we can wear white after Labor Day. This is a cool and collected outfit for moms everywhere. An all white blouse and blazer, paired with blue jeans and a great pair of sunnies, will withstand a lunch outing with your kids, as well as a play date with your mommy friends and their kids.

To get J.Lo’s look, find a structured white blouse, and pair it under a fitted white blazer or boyfriend blazer. A statement pair of sunglasses will round this look out nicely.

Rachel Zoe

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This is how the cool girls wear their blue jeans. Black leather shoes and a black leather jacket make this look feel really edgy. Coincidentally, this is part of the DL1961 x Jessica Alba collection, and Alba is one of our most stylish moms!

Rachel Zoe is a mom who knows a thing about fashion, and her boho chic style is one that so  many women like to emulate. Not to mention, she’s dressed quite a few women on this list!

Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny is a celebrity mom turned major business mogul turned incredible philanthropist, and she never fails to disappoint in the style department. Here, she amps up a basic white blouse with a stunning black pussybow detail! It’s just the right touch of menswear, while being very put together.

Victoria Beckham

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Never, did anyone ever, make a white t-shirt and jeans look so chic. Leave it to Victoria Beckham to do such a thing. Her jeans are a great example of the perfect mom jeans – they’re high rise, and their flare silhouette fits her body well. As we age and have our kids, a high rise jean is a great option, because it ensures we won’t have the dreaded muffin top (not that Beckham has anything to worry about in that department).


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Beyoncé is a celebrity mom who knows a thing or two about great style, and she’s put together a great outfit for girls night out or date night. A pair of high waisted, wide leg trousers with a fitted top are just the way to make a statement the next time you go out – a la Beyoncé – and the white and navy look is finished off perfectly with a pair of nude heels.

Kate Middleton

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If you have an event to go to, or if you work in a corporate setting, this is a beautiful way to wear a patterned jacket, and match your accessories in a very chic way. Here, the Duchess of Cambridge has paired a stunningly patterened jacket with matching bag and shoes. Look for similar items in your own closet or at your favorite store.

Lauren Conrad

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A beautiful top and pants outfit like this should be in every mom’s closet. It’s not too tight, and not too fitted, and can be just as easily worn with strappy sandals as it could be worn with a great pair of white sneakers.

The key to this outfit is that its simplicity means that it’s also really versatile. In addition to just changing up the look with your footwear choices, you can either go really simple or really edgy with your jewelry, bag, and sunglass choices as well.

Giselle Bundchen

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File this under an everyday look with a very updated twist. It’s seemingly very simple -a white tee and khaki-ish pants. But it’s the unique shapes and silhouette of the whole look that really give it a stylish edge.

Carrie Underwood

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A beautiful v-neck, sleeveless, fit and flare dress like this one worn by Carrie Underwood is a wonderful option for moms. The shape of this style is flattering to so many body types. Whether you’re a stick, apple, pear shape, inverted triangle, or hourglass shape, this dress silhouette will look stunning on you. And you can find styles from super casual to extremely dressy, so you’ll be able to wear it for so many occasions. This particular dress would be beautiful for a daytime wedding, baby shower, or wedding shower.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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It was so hard to pick just one of Paltrow’s outfits to feature, because her style is just so good. But this cool girl casual outfit is something every mom can find a way to incorporate into her wardrobe. A pair of relaxed fit cropped pants with a fun sweater, and finished off with a pair of booties that make a loud statement, this is a great outfit for moms to run errands in, as well as to take your kids to the museum or a park.

Chrissy Tiegen

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Every mom needs a little dress that we can wear out to dinner or an event. This is a great example of that kind of dress. It features a little bit of pattern and a little bit of texture, and it fits extremely well.

Do you have some old dresses hanging in your closet that you could bring back out and wear again? Have fun perusing the clothes you haven’t worn in a while, to see what use you can get out of them again. And if all else fails, there are a lot of fun date night dresses in all price ranges. If you can’t find any, I’m happy to help you find an outfit for any occasion.


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A pinstripe blazer with edgy jewelry is always a good idea. And these days, the bralette is a fun foundation piece that you can wear underneath. P!nk is always adding a cool girl vibe, and here she does it with her choice of jewelry and undergarment. Take a cue from her and go for the unexpected touches to make an otherwise conservative look, anything but.

Angelina Jolie

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In this outfit, Angelina Jolie could just as well be picking her kids up from school after a long day of work. An all-black look is chic anytime, anywhere. Here, she opts for a little black dress, a black jacket, black pointy toe heels, black bag, and black sunnies.

This look is not hard to copy at all. While the pieces you currently own may not be as designer (or maybe they are), you can certainly pair together the basics to create a super stylish Jolie look alike mom outfit. This look will take you to work, or out on the town to the theatre or dinner.

Reese Witherspoon

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Witherspoon shows us a great option for a beautiful day dress, with pattern and a flared fit. Floral dresses are all the rage, and so is her clothing line, Draper James. Like so many of the mom outfits on this list, you could dress this look up or down with so many different types of shoes and accessories.

Try a dress like this with heels and simple gold jewelry for a timeless dressed up look. Or wear it with sneakers and a cropped cardigan for a more casual option.

Alessandra Ambrosio

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Move over, jeans and t-shirt. This is an It Girl option for an everyday mom outfit that can go from work to the park. It’s a cool girl style that you can easily copy. You’ll need a cool pair of pants and a long duster or trench coat to copy this celebrity mom outfit.

Kristin Cavallari

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Happily step into mom jeans, and never look back, when you’re in a mom outfit like this. Kristin Cavallari makes these black skinny jeans oh so chic with a fitted white tee and pointy toe heels. This look is timeless, and it’s a beautiful foundation for any accessory, jacket, or shoe you could possibly pair with it. Start by copying this look exactly, and then branching out from there to see all the possible looks you can create.

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