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5 Fashion Splurges You Won’t Regret – And Why


It can feel great to splurge on yourself, but doesn’t the idea of this just feel so out of reach sometimes? And especially so after we have kids?

We don’t all make a ton of money, and we don’t want to necessarily spend it all when we do have it. But do you ever look at other women with great bags and shoes and think, How do they afford that? How do they have these nice things, and why can’t I?

I’m here to tell you from personal experience, that regardless of your lot in life, there’s a chance you can make room for a designer piece or two in your lifetime, and I’m going to tell you how, why, and what you should spend your money on.

Fashion Splurges That Are Worth It

If you’re going to splurge, these are the top five items to consider.

The why…

is really simple. First, if you love a piece, then why not find a way to make that happen for yourself? Second, it always comes down to cost per wear. If you wear the item a billion times, then theoretically you’re getting your money’s worth. (Cost per wear = the price you paid divided by the number of times you wear it). But if you only wear it once or twice, then why did you even purchase it in the first place?

Here’s an example:

If you purchased a $20 pair of sunnies at Target, and only wore them once, then you paid $20 to wear them one time. Doesn’t seem so worth it, when you put it that way.

But if you purchased a pair of designer shoes for $650 and wore them 100 times in the first year alone (realistic if you’re me), your cost per wear is already down to $6.50. And if you wore them 100 times the next year, your cost per wear goes down to $3.25. That’s about as much as a one-way public transportation fare in some places.

It’s harder to justify a high cost per wear item than it is to justify the high price tag of an item with a low cost per wear.

The how…

is fully reliant on your ability to budget. Save. Not give in to instant gratification. And to be able to say, well, if I’m going to buy this pricey handbag or pair of designer shoes, then maybe I’m going to have to forego something else in my life.

Write down the other things that you might be able to wait on. If you can make room for it and you feel that the purchase is still worth it to you, then by all means, make that happen for yourself.

This is the responsible way to splurge. While some women may be able to do it more often and in different ways, the reality is that if you really want something, there’s probably a way to make that happen for yourself.

How I Splurged When Money WAS An Issue

I bought my first designer bag in 2005, when I was making a minimal salary working full time and going to fashion school full time. I’d been eyeballing (and putting away money for) a very specific Dior embroidered mini saddle bag for months, and I finally decided one Saturday that it was going to be the day.

I’d managed to forego coffees and other extra purchases to save enough money for this bag, and now that I finally had enough saved, I knew I wouldn’t regret it. So I walked to Saks from my Chicago apartment and made the purchase.

That gorgeous little bag was $450. I was so proud of myself, and I will never forget that feeling walking home, thinking, I can’t believe I just did that! For a girl like me who has fashion ingrained in her DNA, that was a rush.

And now, 12 years later, I still wear that bag. I’m convinced that was not a waste of my hard-earned money.

If you can smartly find a way to fit one or two (or more) splurge-worthy pieces into your wardrobe in your lifetime, then I say go for it.


As illustrated above, I like to recommend that whatever fashion you’re splurging on, it should be something you can wear now, and 50 years from now. It should be timeless.

If you’re splurging on trendy items, your cost per wear is going to be through the roof, and you’re just not going to get to enjoy the pieces as much.

I love a classic black heel, a classic nude heel, a timeless black bag, and a nude one, too. And finally, a piece of jewelry that you can wear every single day of your life. The ones I’ve chosen are ones you’ll be able to wear over and over, and they’ll complete almost any outfit flawlessly.

You can shop each of these five pieces, below.