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77 Things To Buy With Your Anthropologie Gift Card Now


77 Things To Buy Now Anthropologie With Your Anthropologie Gift Card

[dropcaps]G[/dropcaps]etting an Anthropologie Gift Card is so exciting, isn’t it? Someone gives you free money to your favorite store, so you can buy yourself something really nice! And yet, as humans, we waste $1 Billion in gift cards each year. Mainly because we forget about them – having stuffed them into an envelope, a drawer, or the black hole abyss that we call a handbag. Can you relate?

If you’ve recently received an Anthropologie Gift Card, or if you’re just in the market to see what you can buy now, here are 77 beautiful and stylish things you can buy yourself from Anthropologie, from under $50 to under $1,000.

This guide will be continually updated when items become sold out, so this will always remain an up-to-date resource for what to buy at Anthropologie now.

Also, I’ll be doing this series for other retailers as well, so stay tuned for more!

Gifts Under $50

Anthropologie is known for beautiful finds. Every time I wander through the store, I’m hit with various fun and whimsical findings that I can’t possibly pass up. From soaps and perfumes to candles, books, and jewelry, they have it all right at your fingertips. And everything is (seemingly) strategically placed so that you can’t pass it up as a last minute addition to your overall purchase.

We’ve chosen 16 of the most stylish gifts under $50 that you can get for yourself now with your Anthropologie gift card.

Gifts Under $100

Here, you can start to splurge on something a little more pricey. Think of a shirt, a pouch, an accessory, a home decor item. We’re even finding more (adorable) shoes in this price point. They have such fun finds, and you’ll have your Anthropologie gift card spent in no time!

Personal favorite: While I love absolutely all of these pieces, or I wouldn’t have pulled them to show you in the first place, I’m in love with the yellow Seychelles flats at the bottom of this section. At $88, they’re a steal, because you’ll be able to wear them so much.

I also featured the Soludos Ciao Bella espadrilles in another post on birthday gifts for mom. And the cactus tee below is absolutely perfect for those spring and summer days ahead!

Gifts Under $200

We found statement pieces galore! If you’re able to spend between $100 and $200, you’ll find some absolutely eye-catching clothing and shoes. You’ll have so much fun with these pieces. From a bright, floral skirt to a gorgeous modern trench coat – and even a dress fit for a wedding – you’ll find such a wide range of items to buy with your Anthropologie gift card.

Gifts Under $500

These are the creme de la creme of Anthropologie merchandise. The pricey pieces that make your eyes truly POP! Find brightly colored dresses and shoes that’ll make a bold statement on your next evening of cocktails with friends. Or be the belle of the ball in a twist-back gown and feathery crystal earrings. There are so many pieces to choose from, but we hope you love the ones we picked for you, below.

Gifts Under $1,000

At the very top of the Anthropologie price point, lie some absolute gems. From a yellow leather jacket to a lace dress fit for a queen, these are splurge-worthy pieces you’ll want to use your gift card – on top of your savings – to buy! How dreamy is that Anna Sui dress? And wouldn’t you just love to take that beautiful luggage on a trip to Tahiti? Dream away, lovelies, and go get yourself something REALLY spectacular with that Anthropologie gift card.

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