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A Printed Maxi Dress You’ll Want To Buy ASAP


Free People One Monarch Maxi Dress Portrait

Free People One Monarch Maxi Dress

Here’s a close-up so you can see the texture of this gorgeous gauzy fabric.

This dress really is a chameleon – it can be dressed up for dinner, or it’s happy to relax poolside.

The strappy details really make this a stand-out piece.

Free People One Monarch Maxi Dress

It’s that time of year, when you daydream endlessly of warmer weather and vacays to come – those precious days with your face to the sun, its warm rays on your shoulders, and a general sense of calm sweeping over you…

I hate to break it to you, but since moving to Florida, those are my typical days… until we get into rainy season – and then I skee-daddle out of here with my family for Chicago. 🙂

So while you’re still all cozied up by your fireplace, I’m over here sporting this maxi dress, and I have to tell you that you’re going to LOVE this piece for summer. Oh my GOODness, are you going to love it.

Funny Story – I Found This Dress From Another Blogger That I Adore

This dress came into my life after scrolling through Instagram one day, and landing on Emily Gemma’s Instagram account, @emilyanngemma. In case you’re not aware, she writes the wildly popular and pretty The Sweetest Thing Blog. You should go follow her.

Quick Tip: Emily was wearing this while rocking a sweet baby bump, and I concur that it is a GREAT maxi dress to wear if you’re pregnant. It’s also awesome to wear after you have your baby, during that difficult fourth trimester time when we all find it harder to dress our new mom bodies.

At the time I came across her Instagram post, I was shopping for dresses for my son’s baptism, and I knew this would be a perfect pick. We were going to be hosting a brunch at a beach club after the mass and ceremony, and this just felt so perfect for a Sunny February Sunday in Florida.

So this dress became my very first ever purchase straight from an Instagram post! (Life IS full of important “firsts,” lol).

I was so excited to get this dress and wear it to the baptism.

But there are two important styling details you should be aware of when you get this beauty – and I really think you should go get it now. 🙂

  1. The bottom is lightly lined, but the top is UNlined. HowEVER… DON’T let this scare you. You can STILL wear a nude – or possibly even white – strapless bra (I went with nude since I have one that’s really close to my skin tone), and it looks great. So don’t be surprised when you see how sheer it is.
  2.  The hem is uneven and raw, something that’s hard to see in the pictures, and makes it a little more casual. It’s very beautiful, but I had to shorten it over six inches (I’m 5’1″). I did this myself since I’m good at that kind of thing. My advice is to take it to a professional so you get a really clean cut, because there’s no room for error. Unless you know how to cut fabric like they teach you in design school, don’t attempt the hemming of this dress yourself.

At the end of the day, this dress is amazing. It’s flowy, it’s comfy, it’s versatile, and the print is just gorgeous. I’m going to live in this for quite some time.

Dress: Free People One Monarch Maxi Dress, $168

Necklace Charm: Chloe, $50 (does not come with chain)

Sandals: Valentino, $295

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