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The Best Low-Cost Sheet Masks to Get You Glowing


Pretty much every skincare line offers a sheet mask these days. But Sephora Collection makes a stellar, inexpensive line of sheet masks for your face, eyes, and hands. Here’s why you should consider these as one of the best low-cost sheet masks to get your skin glowing, ASAP.

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Why I Love Sephora Collection Sheet Masks

The Formulations

Sephora-brand sheet masks come in so many formulations. My favorites are the rose, avocado, and pineapple formulations. While each formula does something different, they each leave your skin glowing and feeling great.

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The Affordable Price

These masks are only $6 each! And for that price, you won’t feel bad stocking up on them. I always keep 5 to 6 masks at the ready, and I try to apply them twice a week. It’s such a relaxing treat to put these to use after the kids go to bed and just sit in silence while the sheet mask penetrates my face. Hopefully you’ll find it just as enjoyable and relaxing.

How To Use These Sheet Masks

First, wash your face. Then, apply the sheet mask and let all the good stuff penetrate your skin for 15 minutes. You’ll feel that it dries slightly during that time. And whatever liquid is left can just be lightly swirled into your skin with your fingertips. Follow it up with any other products you reguarly use, or just apply your moisturizer.

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