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Best Mom Jeans Guide – How To Style Your Postpartum Jeans


When it comes to finding the best mom jeans, there’s an unspoken rule among the most stylish women – high rise jeans will be your mom body’s best friend. Celebrity moms and mom fashion influencers agree that high waisted jeans are the way to go for postpartum jeans once you have kids. So we’ll show you how to find and style some amazing mom jeans outfits for yourself, along with some inspiration from the It Girls.

PS – This article is constantly updated to bring you the very best recommendations!

Your Ultimate Guide - How To Wear Mom Jeans Like The Stars - Best Mom Jeans For Postpartum Body

What are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans have been stereotypically touted as those unstylish, high-waisted, no-shape, unflattering cuts of denim that our moms wore back in the 80s (when some styles of clothing were questionable at best). But recently, there’s been such a shift in perspective on mom jeans, and designers are creating styles that really FLATTER a mom body. They’ve finally “gotten” the point that our bodies change as we age and have children, and our clothing should address that.

But to really answer the question of what makes a pair of denim “mom jeans” material, we really have to talk about fit.

The short answer is that any pair of jeans COULD make hot mom jeans – but most likely, there will be a few good qualifying characteristics, like the ones below:

High Waisted Mom Jeans Outfit

Generally, high rise jeans or high waisted jeans (ones that goes all the way up to your natural waist (the smallest part of your waistline, above your belly button)) will be the most flattering to your mom body, and these are the most widely stereotyped fit of mom jeans. But a high rise is ideal because it naturally sucks in our middles and prevents the dreaded muffin top – that area of tummy fluff that hangs over lower-rise jeans and makes us look like we’re squished into our pants.

A great example of a high waisted mom jeans outfit is a high rise jean paired with a crop top, or a loose, tucked in t-shirt or tank top.

Check out these mom jeans from Urban Outfitters – who knew that Urban Outfitters would make such a cute mom jean – and these are only $64.

Good Amount of Stretch

You’ll see jeans now that are made of 4-way stretch material. This is a great thing for moms, because we need to be able to move in our clothes. We need to get down and dirty at the park; we need to get on the floor and change a diaper or ten; and we need to bend down a thousand times a day, to pick up items that seem to endlessly collect over and over. Our mom jeans need to be a second skin, similar to those yoga pants, am I right?

We can't change Mother Nature and Father Time, but we can mold the way we dress ourselves around them. #fashion #formoms #styletips Click To Tweet

Why Mom Jeans Are A GOOD Thing

Mom jeans – aka hot mom jeans – are a good thing because:

a) They FIT.

b) They Flatter.

c) They’re Comfortable.

d) They’re Stylish.

Enough said.

Celebrity Moms and Social Media Stars Who Wear Mom Jeans

Everyone from Jessica Alba to Mila Kunis to Kim Kardashian wears mom jeans. And by mom jeans, we don’t mean your average ugly jeans from the 80s. We are talking super sleek, super hot mom jeans that flatter a mom’s curves extremely well – hugging the hips, covering the waistline, and moving with our bodies. See how some of your favorite celebrity moms giving us some super chic mom jeans outfit ideas below.

Kate Middleton, J Brand Skinny Jeans

The Duchess of Cambridge knows a thing or two about dressing her gorgeous mom figure, and these are the best mom jeans that fit her body perfectly – she wears them in many a photo.

Embed from Getty Images

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Jeans

Khloe Kardashian teamed up with business partner Emma Grede to create this line. Emma is the wife of FRAME Denim Founder Jens Grede, and a mom of two. (Read more about her in this insightful Forbes article). These women are both moms. They have a ton of experience with fashion and denim. And they obviously understand the importance of fit in a pair of mom jeans. The fact that they hit the $1 million mark in their first day of sales says a lot about the faith their supporters have in this line, too. So I’d venture to guess these are some of the best mom jeans out there.

Embed from Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker’s High Rise Cropped Jeans

SJP is known for taking a fashion risk or two, especially in her role as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Here she is wearing the ultimate sexy pair of cropped, high rise, light wash mom jeans with a crop top back in 2009’s filming of Sex and the City 2. And this is an outfit you can still rock today! It shows how timeless celebrity style can be, even when fashion trends change so quickly.

Embed from Getty Images

Alessandra Ambrosio’s High Rise Flares – Mom Jeans That Aren’t A Skinny Cut

She has model style, and she’s a true mommy It Girl. She rocks these high rise flared jeans like no one else, and proves that moms can still look model-hot! No sign of a muffin top in these flattering jeans!

Embed from Getty Images

Mom Fashion Bloggers’ Most Loved Mom Jeans

I took an informal poll among some of my bestie mom fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers. They have amazing style, and they work with some of the most amazing brands on the coolest campaigns. I wanted to get their take on what the best mom jeans style is for those of us with kids.

And in my questioning, I found a couple of trends:

  • The top brand by far was AG, and the top style was a skinny high rise.
  • These mom influencers all felt that the most important specifics were fit, softness, and comfort – and being able to move freely in their jeans, without the worry of any of their parts being exposed.
  • Per the image below, NONE of the mom influencers interviewed wear low rise jeans.

Mom Fashion Blogger Jeans Preferences

In an informal poll, 98% of mom fashion influencers prefer high rise jeans as their favorite denim, followed by 2% who like mid-rise. Once you're a mom, low rise is OUT. #fashiontips #formoms #styleadvice #momblogger… Click To Tweet

The Best Mom Jeans Brands

You can find your fair share of jeans that will flatter your mom body in just about every store and in every price range. From Target to Neiman Marcus, from The Gap to Express to Topshop to Nordstrom and Saks, and even mom companies like Evereve, you’ll find a pair that will look amazing on you. Sometimes it takes a little digging, though, as jeans are notoriously hard to find the best fit. So here’s a non-exhaustive list of lines that carry some of the best mom jeans for those of us with kids.

  • Express
  • Topshop
  • Evereve
  • AG Jeans
  • Pilcro Jeans from Anthropologie
  • ZARA
  • L’Agence
  • Levi’s
  • Gap
  • Joe’s Jeans
  • Good American
  • I.N.C. Brand at Macy’s
  • Universal Thread Brand at Target
  • Your Favorite Local Boutiques!

How To Shop For The Best Mom Jeans

Speaking of fit, let’s talk about what to look for when shopping for a great pair of jeans and get some high waisted mom jeans outfit ideas.

Pay attention to the rise – how far the jeans come up on your waistline. Once you have kids, it’s harder to feel comfortable in low-rise jeans, because they now sit underneath that lower belly pouch that so many of us get after having kids. And anything that sits below your natural waistline (the skinniest part of your waist – right around or above your belly button) will cause the dreaded muffin top if it’s too tight.

Jeans that sit below your natural waist (the smallest part of your middle) will create the dreaded muffin top if they're too tight. Choose a high rise style for the ultimate sexy mom jean! #denimtrends #styletips #formoms Click To Tweet

The best mom jeans will be high rise jeans.

Please hear me out on this, as I can hear you sigh with disgust at the term high-rise. I did too, until I decided to embrace that high rise jeans actually make my mom body look BETTER! Like, a whole LOT better! A high rise jean will hit you right around that smallest part of your waist, eliminating a muffin top. In fact, they seem to even have a little slimming effect, by feeling like they actually suck in my middle a bit. And with a high rise jean, you can either tuck in a shirt, wear them with a crop top (without fear of your tummy hanging out), or just let your top drape over your jeans (see Khloe Kardashian’s picture above).

Next, pay attention to the fit. Whether you want to wear skinny jeans, flares, boyfriend jeans, straight, cropped, etc, the best mom jeans are really comfortable. Stand in them, sit in them, and move around a bit, but see if they have enough stretch for you. Will you be truly comfortable wearing them in different circumstances.

Price. I’ll go on record saying that my most favorite jeans are a more expensive pair by L’Agence.   But you’ll be able to find a great pair of jeans in any price point. Just pay attention to the items mentioned above.

Styling clothes is one of my favorite things to do. And today’s mom jeans can surely make some great outfits. Remember – stay true to your own style, and stick with styles that you feel are comfortable to wear. If you aren’t comfortable, you’re not going to wear the pieces as much as you should. Here are some of the best high waisted mom jeans outfit ideas – created with the best mom jeans in all budgets.

High Rise Skinny Jeans Outfits

What To Wear With Mom Jeans – Need More Inspiration?

Shop our constantly updated inventory of gorgeous tops to wear with our selection of the best mom jeans on the LUXYMOM Boutique!

High Rise Flared Jeans Outfits

The Best Mom Jeans In Every Price Point

This is a great starting point for your jeans shopping journey. We’ve picked some of our favorite jeans in every price point! Have fun shopping these beautiful pieces!

High Waisted Mom Jeans Under $100

We mentioned it above, but these mom jeans from Urban Outfitters are awesome! A comfy, high waisted style that goes with everything. Also check out:

Mom Jeans Under $200

Mom Jeans $200-$500

Best Mom Jeans Over $500


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