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Birthday Gifts For Mom – April Gift Guide 2018


Birthday Gifts for Mom - A Fashionable Gift Guide

They say April showers bring May flowers, but I say all these weather changes give us many opportunities to build a great transitional wardrobe. So in this Spring gift guide, I’m going to be sharing all my stylish finds that’ll make great birthday gifts for mom. And hold onto this list, because it just might also give you Mother’s Day gift idea inspiration.

The Little White Dress

I recently had a chance to do some sifting through my wardrobe, and I realized something. I have a fondness for the Little White Dress. As in, I buy a lot of little white dresses. And I didn’t even realize it until I stood back and really looked at the contents of my closet.

Since Spring is the beginning of little white dress season – and because I truly believe that beautiful outfits make great birthday gifts for mom – I’m sharing six little white dresses with you below. Each of these will make a wonderful birthday gift for moms who are obsessed with fashion and style this spring.

The Flat, Studded Espadrille

I’ve been seeing these all over Pinterest the last 24 hours, and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. I want to buy these things in every single color! The white ones would go nicely with a little white dress, while the rest of them will go as perfectly with jeans as they will with shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it.

The ONLY question I have with these shoes, is whether to buy the original style (aka the muy expensive Valentino version), or do I buy the lookalike, which are far more affordable? I think this time around, I’m opting for the less expensive version, and I’ll buy them in every color available. These studded flats are just to pretty to pass up!

The Reliable Everyday Outfit

A few posts ago, I shared a few cute casual outfits for moms. Today, I’m linking a few pieces from the same clothing line – one of my favorite casual-chic lines, called Bobi. They make great outfits that you can wear every day, and that are super versatile. You’ll be able to wear them with those studded flat espadrilles above, just as well as with a pair of heels and a blazer to work.

Everyday Jewelry That’s Fun To Wear

Jewelry gifts don’t have to be crazy expensive or super meaningful – though those items do make great gifts! Today, I’m sharing with you some fun jewelry items that make amazing birthday gifts for mom. She’ll smile from ear to ear when she opens these items. They’ll be so much fun to spice up everyday outfits or to accessorize a special occasion outfit. The best thing about these jewelry gifts is that mom will be able to get so much use out of them.

And When In Doubt As To Birthday Gifts For Mom, Give Her The Gift Of A Personal Stylist!

I’m going to go ahead and plug my own services, here, because I’ve JUST launched my online personal styling service. I’ve decided to give women what I myself would have always wanted.

It’s my monthly personal styling service, where you can get all the answers to your fashion and style questions, and YOU can call the shots in getting the style information you want.

Ask me one question for $5, or join monthly for $25 a month. Go here to see what it’s all about, or go here to purchase a session or a month now!

I’ve always felt that style should be accessible, and advice shouldn’t come at an unattainable price point. This is the easiest way to have a stylist in your back pocket and look like an It Girl. And it makes a fabulous birthday gift idea for mom. It’ll also make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift idea for mom, too, so bookmark this page!

I hope you all have a wonderful April and that you’ve found some great gift ideas for mom here!