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The 3 most boring fashion purchases you actually need!


Sometimes, we don’t want to buy the things we really must have. But sometimes the most boring purchases are actually the ones we need! So here are three fashion essentials you have to have in your closet at all times. Plus, some great options so you’ll always have these pieces on hand and not have to re-purchase them again and again.

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3 boring fashion purchases you need - white tshirtA collection of the right bras

Buying a bra is like buying a mattress – you don’t want to do it, but you won’t be comfortable without the best fit. Here are the styles you absolutely have to have:

T-shirt bra

Strapless bra

Backless bra


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A basic white t-shirt

A plain white t-shirt seems basic until you actually start shopping for one. You’ll soon see there are almost too many options, which makes shopping harder than it should be.

From crewneck to v-neck, fitted to baggy, cropped or long, off-the-shoulder or not, vintage and faded – the choices are almost endless.

Buying a bra is like buying a mattress – you don’t want to do it, but you won’t be comfortable without the best fit. #styletips Click To Tweet

A neutral-colored belt

Belts never really go out of style. Belts will always be functional, and the most basic styles will always be in fashion.

In my opinion, you need a black belt and a brown or nude-colored belt. For everyday wear, these two colors will get you through most days.

Belts can be as expensive or inexpensive as your own taste and budget. I’ll wear belts from Target or Gucci – and in fact, I wore belts from both retailers just last week, and even had another mom ask me where my Target belt was from.

Here’s a collection of belts from low to high that you can easily add into your wardrobe.

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