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Celebrity Mom Style Trends – Sarah Jessica Parker’s Casual Styles


Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon – there’s no doubt about that. But did you realize that her everyday outfits are just as stylish as her tv and movie characters’ wardrobes? We’ve compiled the best of Sarah Jessica Parker’s casual styles – from outings with her kids, to running around her NYC playground. These are realistic mom outfits that we can all relate to and easily recreate with clothes we have at home. It’s an easy guide for moms on how to dress like Sarah Jessica Parker. Enjoy this outfit inspiration from one of the most stylish celebrity moms on the planet.

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mom Style

She has an easy, cool-girl style that just seems to go with her personality. It’s very put together, but not pretentious, and she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. SJP can often be found in a pair of jeans and a boyish jacket as she runs her kids around the city.

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A slouchy pair of mom jeans (in a boyfriends style) is just as perfect for daytime as it is for a casual dinner. Especially when you pair it with a great neutral cashmere crewneck sweater like the one she’s wearing here. This look is easily attainable, and I’d venture to guess that most of you reading this will have a pair of jeans and a sweater similar to this that you can throw together like SJP has.
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This is laid-back elegance at its finest. A simple, crisp, white blouse offsets a pair of casual jeans, and brings it up a level. A gorgeous statement necklace gives the look its final hint of personality, and you can dress it up or down further with your choice of footwear.
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While this layered look was clearly taken at an event, it’s a look you could wear as easily to the office or to a school meeting, as you could wear it to dinner. A pair of tailored pants is matched with layers on top, and finished with a blazer, for maximum It Girl style.
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The statement in this outfit comes from the black sunglasses and black leather jacket, which offset and elevate Sarah Jessica Parker’s casual style – which appears to be the same jeans and sweater outfit shown in the first photo above. This is the perfect example of how an outfit can be extremely versatile and worn different ways.
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A monochromatic look is super chic, so consider matching your jeans with a button down blouse of the same color. In this case, she’s also elevated the look with her smokey eyeshadow look, and this is something that you can easily recreate yourself.
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As shown earlier, layers are key (especially when you live in NYC or anywhere the seasons change), and Sarah Jessica perfectly pairs a graphic tee with distressed jeans, a hoodie, and a leather jacket, as she’s out for a stroll with her kids. I would wear this outfit everyday. She’s cool as a cucumber in this mom style.
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This is perhaps the same hoodie as the one in the above picture, no? But I love how she’s elevated the outfit with her long and more formal jacket. It really shows how chic a ripped jeans outfit can be.
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A tank top, jeggins, and cross-body are probably in almost every mom’s wardrobe these days. I like that she chose a flowy tank, as this is realistic for many moms I talk to. We often don’t love to wear fitted clothes around our middles – hello tummy pooch we got from having our babies – so this tank top is a great and forgiving style.
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In this outfit, SJP’s blue jeans stand out from the rest of her all black outfit. It’s a great way to spice up your denim and yet still wear a good amount of black. I know a lot of moms who try to stick to wearing black as much as they can, since it can be so forgiving.
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A pop of tangerine is so refreshing in this layered casual outfit. It really stands out against her neutral outfit, and again, the fit of this jacket completely offsets the casual style worn underneath.

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How You Can Copy Sarah Jessica Parker’s Everyday Casual Styles

The looks we’ve featured here are going to be really easy for you to put together in your own way. For your own SJP inspired mom outfits, you’ll need:

  • Jeans: Jeans, jeans, and more jeans! Jeans are the foundation for most of Sarah Jessica Parker’s casual styles, so stock up on your favorite pair of mom jeans that fit your body best. If you need some inspiration, I’ve got a great mom jeans shopping guide you can reference!
  • Graphic Tees: These are so easily attainable these days, and so many awesome brands make fun styles. I personally love this t-shirt, this one, and this one!
  • Crewneck or v-neck cashmere sweaters: They’re so classic. If you take care of a well-fitting cashmere sweater, it’ll last you a lifetime. Beware of the care label instructions, and don’t accidentally throw one into your wash. I once shrunk a beautiful cashmere sweater to the size of a 2T toddler shirt. So sad. This is a fantastic J.Crew cashmere sweater that I love!
  • Hoodies: If you’re going to rock a hoodie, this one by Lauren Moshi is absolutely an It Girl style. You have to check it out.
  • Blazers: Veronica Beard designs an amazing blazer right now. They’re dripping with It Girl style, and are worth every penny. And my bff just recently wore this exact L’Agence blazer and I’m actually going to copy her and buy it for myself! You’re welcome for this tip.
  • Statement Jewelry: You’re going to need a few stylish jewelry pieces to round out your looks. I recommend Kendra Scott necklaces. They’re so gorgeous. Here’s the Delaney necklace, and the Phara Lariat Necklace. Both pieces are amazing statement necklaces to elevate your casual mom outfits.
  • Casual or Dressy Shoes of Your Choice: You can wear a sneaker like this, or instead opt for a stylish stiletto sandal. Either will do, depending on your day.

Favorite Pieces You Can Buy To Copy Sarah Jessica Parker’s Casual Style

These are the top pieces to check out now, if you want to copy SJP’s style. I’ve created two, full, shoppable outfits that recreate her looks.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

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