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Chicago Fashion Designer Katie Farnan Elevates Your Mom Style With A City Edge


Have you ever wanted to have the city girl style you see in all the fashion bloggers’ street style photos on Pinterest and Instagram? I’ve personally always looked to them when I need outfit ideas, and they are endless sources of inspiration. There are so many mommy fashion bloggers (Pinteresting Plans, Hello Fashion Blog, Something Navy) out there rocking their mommy styles on another level, and these women can help lift you up when you’re not sure what to wear. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a Chicago Fashion Designer who is designing clothes that will elevate your wardrobe to the level of the aforementioned fashionable moms. Katie Farnan’s designs help give all mom styles a decidedly “city girl” edge, and I want to share a few of her designs with you and show you how I’ve styled them and why I love them so much – and why they’ll make great mom outfits for you.

Note: Like many of my articles, Katie generously gifted me the product I’m writing about. However, I maintain a strict editorial policy, and I will not write about products I do not love and use myself. I believe in the importance of staying true to the LUXYMOM™ brand, and this means I really care about sharing only the best of the best with you. I’m so in love with Katie Farnan’s designs that I have to share them with you today, and I hope you feel happy to learn more about her!

Katie Farnan’s Designs Are Versatile, Comfortable, and City Chic

Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of making more than a few acquaintances on Instagram. And this is the platform where I first met Chicago Fashion Designer Katie Farnan. After following each other’s accounts for a while, we realized we had a mutual friend, and so began our back and forth until, one day, we decided to meet. And it just felt so familiar, as if we’d been friends for a long time already. Katie is bright, she’s beautiful, and her designs are delightful.

Katie’s designs are also perfect for moms who want to look like the fashionable mommy bloggers whose city girl street style is envied by, literally, millions. Her clothes are:

  • Versatile – They span in wearability from day to night. Some of her designs are perfect for business casual office attire, while others are perfect for a cocktail party.
  • Comfortable – The fabrics she chooses are breathable and comfortable, and the cuts are clean and modern.
  • Edgy – The designs are feminine in pattern and cut, and the materials are quality. They’ll make you stand up straight with your head up and your shoulders back, because you’ll feel great wearing them.

What Is City Girl Style

City Girls emanate cool… They reek of sleek… You just can’t top what they’ve got going on. And sometimes you can’t really put your finger on it. They just look like they’ve stepped out from the cover of Vogue or from a ladies who lunch outing.

Generally, though, I’d classify city girl style as modern, with clean lines, unexpected design details, and not a lot of fluff. It’s not overly ruffly, overly patterned, or overly accessorized. Simplicity has a way of becoming oh so – unsimplified. And according to POPSUGAR – they radiate confidence. I’d have to concur.

Why You’ll Like These Outfits

As moms, we understand that having wearable clothes – ie we can wear them many times over, and style them many different ways – is of the utmost importance. Katie addresses this for us season after season, by creating capsule collections of a limited number of pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other – and with pieces from previous and future collections.

This is such a smart way to build a cohesive wardrobe that withstands the tests of time and trend. Below are pictures of some of her designs and how I personally styled them for summer life in Chicago.

How To Style City Girl Outfits With Katie Farnan’s Designs

Note: All photos below were taken for LUXYMOM™ by my dear friend Liz of Jamtik Marketing in Chicago.

I’m having so much fun with Katie’s designs, particularly because they’re SO easy to style. You can bring your personal style into them simply by how you accessorize them with jewelry, your shoes, and your handbags. And I am in love withe the fact that you can mix and match many of her pieces.

In the first two photos below, I’m wearing her Mauve Summer Sweater and Blazer Bomber. They’re lightweight and perfect for spring, summer, and fall. They layer together so well, and this jacket is going to be one of your favorites throughout the year. Style it like I did below, or when the weather gets cooler, add a hoodie and tee underneath like Sarah Jessica Parker did in this article.

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LUXYMOM Katie Farnan Jacket Mommy Fashion Blogger Street Style

LUXYMOM Katie Farnan Jacket Pink Top Mommy Styles

LUXYMOM Katie Farnan Pink Top

LUXYMOM Katie Farnan Pink Top City Girl Mom Style

Below, I absolutely adore this white silk crop top that I’ve paired with my L’Agence skinny jeans. It’s perfect for a girls’ night out, a date night, or even an office cocktail party. I’ve accessorized it with gold shoes and a gold bag, but you can give it your own unique twist with your choice of accessories.

LUXYMOM Katie Farnan Girls Night Out White Top

The back of this top is open, and I recommend – at Katie’s suggestion – wearing a bra that will look pretty when exposed. I chose a white lace bandeau, and I’ve been very happy with that choice!

LUXYMOM Katie Farnan White Silk Top Date Night Outfit


Shop Katie Farnan’s Designs

To buy any and all of the designs pictured here, plus so many other styles – which I’ll be featuring soon – you can click here to visit her site.

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