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How To Wear a T-Shirt and Jeans Without Looking Frumpy


Let’s be real for a second. Even the most fashionable ladies out there occasionally have a day where a t-shirt and jeans are the outfit of the day (ootd). But it’s how you accessorize this type of look that will make or break its fashion quotient. Here are three ways to elevate your typical basic t-shirt and jeans outfit and turn it into something spectacular.

Wear Your Most Stylish Shoes

Cute T-Shirt and Jeans Outfit

A simple t-shirt and jeans doesn’t have to look frumpy or boring. Add a pair of statement heels to elevate the look.

As I’ve done in the picture above, I love to wear a great pair of heels with my daily denim. You’ll never – I repeat, NEVER – catch me in jeans and a pair of sneaks. It might work for some (though I don’t recommend it), but not for me. Every time I put on a pair of tennis shoes for a purpose other than working out, I just feel frumpy.

Instead, go for a gorgeous pair of heels. Whether they’re stilettos, wedges, or block heels, they’ll make your look so much more chic. In this photo, I’m wearing the shoes shown here.

And if you prefer flats, there’s a better way to do it than sneaks or the other dreaded shoe, flip flops. Flats come in a plethora of fun styles and colors in all price points.

I recently found a ton of great shoes at Zara, and I’m linking one pair of Zara statement flats that I fell in love with. I’m regretting not purchasing them, so I may go back and do so. But I’m happy to share them with you, in case you might want to pick them up for yourself!

You’ll be able to rock your tees and jeans if you really pay attention to your footwear choices. My absolute favorite shoes this season are velvet heels. I’m drooling over every pair, and actually just ordered one for myself, which I’m sure I’ll be featuring all fall. I’ve included some other shoes below that are great options for elevating a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit. Have fun with your shoe choices this season.

Use Jackets To Add Personality To Your Outfits

This fall, jackets are a must-have. (They’re really always a must-have in my opinion, but in fall, especially). From blazers to vests, fur to tweed, solid colors to bold patterns, jackets will take your t-shirt game to the next level.

I’ve curated some jackets below that are my personal favorites for the season. Pink and white are must-have colors this fall and winter, so they’ll be safe bets when you’re deciding where to spend your money.

Also, opt for classic styles that you can wear with many pieces – tees, sweaters, tanks, etc. This will make you feel better about the sometimes-pricey price tag of jackets and outerwear.

Jewelry Is Always The Finishing Touch

Jewelry rounds out a look and makes it complete. It also says so much about who you are. Do you love simple, gold necklaces? Or do you prefer bold, statement earrings? Do you like ring stacks or a single cocktail ring?

As with shoes and jackets, jewelry comes in every price point under the sun. Stay true to your personal style and choose pieces that will go with a ton of outfits. You’ll feel so much better about these purchases.

The sky is the limit with jewelry, really. I love to get inspired via Pinterest, so I created a board specifically for jewelry, called Jeweled Up. Check it out for my takes on stunning jewelry looks that you can add to spice up any outfit.