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Dear LUXYMOM™ – What Is The BEST Layering Jacket for Summer?


Look no further, my fashionable friends – THIS is the most perfect jacket style to layer over your outfit for summer. A drapey duster jacket is a style that moves fluidly with you and is currently available in lightweight fabrics, from many retailers, and at all price points.

You’ve seen this style recently when Hannah Jeter wore a gorgeous pink duster over her maternity outfit for Derek Jeter’s retirement ceremony. And while Hannah wore a beautiful blush pink duster jacket, they’re being designed in many colors – black, white, grey, khaki, pink, blue, to name a few.

This pink jacket is the perfect, light layer for spring and summer. It is similar to the one worn by Hannah Jeter.

This pink jacket is the perfect, light layer for spring and summer.
Photo Cred: Megan Cencula for mysmartcollection.com

Above, I’m showing a nearly identical jacket on my friend Carol Imhoff of Nashville fashion blog My Smart Collection. Carol is a PRO at styling jackets for summer, or any season for that matter. It’s one of her signature ways to pull an outfit together and make it look really polished.

You can read more about how Carol styles jackets in my interview with her here

A light layer is essential for summer dressing, because not every day is scorchingly hot, and those summer evenings can get pretty cool in much of the country. A jacket like this can be layered over a casual outfit – elevating a simple jeans and tee look – or it can be worn over a much dressier outfit, like Hannah Jeter’s.

Check out the styles curated for you below! I’m curious, how would you style yours?

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