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Floral Cami from Equipment – A Favorite Fall Wardrobe Essential


Every few years, the cami comes back around in fashion, and it’s having a really big moment right now! You can find them in every color and pattern under the sun. I’ve found this gorgeous floral cami from Equipment, a line you’ll see me featuring, as I love their designs. Today, you’ll see how I’ve styled it in a really chic way, plus I’ll tell you about other ways to style it, and share where to buy this exact one, and so many more camis for fall!

Floral Cami and Jeans Outfit

This floral cami from Equipment is the most beautiful cami for your fall outfits. I’ve paired it with ripped jeans and gold accessories for a super chic look.

Why I Love This Cami

The first thing that caught my eye on this top was the pattern. I’m a sucker for feminine floral prints, and this is a super chic pattern. I love the pink and white flowers on a sea of black silk.

I know that I’m going to be pairing this cami with my black, white, and grey cardigans; white and black blazers; black, white, and grey leather jackets; and more. You see, right there I’ve just incorporated this jacket into 8 different looks, by pairing it with 8 different jackets. This top has so much styling potential!

Equipment Floral Cami and Gold Lariat Necklace

This Shira Melody gold lariat necklace is so delicate yet makes such a statement against the feminine floral pattern on this Equipment floral cami.

Why Moms Will Love A Cami

This is an effortless type of top. It’s a throw-on-and-go style. A cami is forgiving around the waistline, and can be worn by itself or layered under almost every type of jacket. Put it under a blazer for work, or a leather jacket for an afternoon or evening out on the town.

Overall, it’s super sexy and feminine and comfortable – a winning trifecta!

What Bra To Wear With A Cami

Wondering what type of bra to wear with a cami, which has spaghetti straps and a silky hand? My favorite bra styles are:

A Bandeau Bra

This is perfect for a darker colored cami, where you’re not going to be able to see the outline or texture of the bra underneath, if it’s lace.

A Strapless Bra

This one is probably the obvious choice, but it can also be the most restricting and uncomfortable. But it can give you the smoothest appearance under the silky material of a cami. So just weigh what’s most important to you when making this decision.

Breast Petals

My favorites are the Low Beams that I pick up at Saks. But Target sells breast petals that are really good, too. They give a ton of coverage, and if you have smaller breasts, augmented breasts, or in general don’t need to worry about sagging, then this is a great, and very comfortable, alternative to a strapless bra or bandeau bra.


How To Style A Cami

You an see by the pictures that I’ve gone for a simple look when styling this cami. But this outfit is so versatile and chic that it can be worn for running errands around town; out to brunch or lunch with the girls; out for cocktails and happy hour; or for date night with your significant other.

In this look, I’ve paired this cami with ripped jeans, gold pointy toe heels, and a simple gold lariat necklace. You can shop them all here, and I highly suggest you read about these shoes and other statement Fall shoes here.

Floral Cami For Fall

Gold shoes and a gold quilted bag are the perfect standout accompaniments to a floral cami and jeans outfit.

Where To Buy This And Other Camis

I’ve curated xxxx camis in all price points, that I think you’re going to absolutely love. The prices are in ascending order, so you’ll see the least expensive styles at the top, and the most expensive styles at the bottom.

I really want you all to know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous. Even if you have a large clothing budget, it may not be worth it to you to spend it all on fashion, and there are things you’re going to want to splurge on, and things you’re never going to want to splurge on. That’s one of the fun decisions we get to make in shopping.