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This Is How To Style Maxi Dress Outfits For Fall


When the weather begins to transition from summer to fall, we often think of putting on our cozy sweaters and jeans. But sometimes we want other ideas for simple fall outfits. So today, I’m going to show you how to style a maxi dress. I’ll be using my two favorite floral dresses from Chicago independent designer Katie Farnan. You’ll have a wardrobe of stylish maxi dress outfits in no time.

Maxi dress outfits are mostly overlooked as we move out of summer time or resort season. They’re often thought of as the perfect warm weather outfit. But there are no good reasons why a maxi dress can’t be a beautiful transitional piece of clothing. We just need to know how to style a maxi dress, what shoes to wear with a maxi dress, and what to wear over a maxi dress to make some really amazing outfits.

A huge thank you goes out to Chicago fashion designer Katie Farnan for supplying the maxi dresses for these photos. They’re stunning, don’t you agree?

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How To Transition Your Summer Maxi Dresses To Fall

These two maxi dresses below, from Chicago fashion designer Katie Farnan, are absolutely stunning as the focal point of your look for both the summer season, as well as resort wear. They have a beautiful, simple cut, and can be accessorized a thousand ways.

Summer Maxi Dress - Katie Farnan - LUXYMOM

A maxi can be the center of attention in your summer outfits. But keep reading to see how to style your maxis for cooler weather.

Katie Farnan White Maxi Dress - Rain

When it rains, it pours. But there’s always a reason to smile – especially when you’re wearing a really cute outfit like this maxi dress!

But what’s trickier, is figuring how to transition these dresses into fall, so you can really get some extra wear out of them. You don’t have to put away your maxi dresses just because fall is right around the corner. Instead, let’s get creative.

What To Wear With A Maxi Dress

Because maxi dresses are so often the feature element in summer and resort wear outfits, women often don’t think of styling them for any other season or reason.

But did you realize that maxi dresses can make super cute fall outfits? Layers and accessories are key to creating the best maxi dress outfits.

Here are some ideas of what to wear with a maxi dress:

  • Cropped leather jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Belted cardigan
  • Flowing duster jacket
  • Open toe booties
  • Caged booties
  • Sneakers
  • Blazer
  • Statement jewelry

Here are some ideas of what shoes to wear with a maxi dress:

It can sometimes be a challenge to find the right type of shoes to wear with a maxi dress. But in my experience, maxis are really versatile and easy to style.

In the summer, you can wear flip flops, slides, flats, espadrilles, cork wedges, dressy wedges, or even stilettos or chunky heeled sandals. That seems like a pretty exhaustive list, util you think about what shoes to wear for colder weather.

For fall, you can bring out some different styles. Think suede booties, open toe booties, caged booties, flats, menswear loafers, velvet loafers, or even a cute pair of sneakers.

5 Maxi Dress Outfits For Moms On The Go

Us moms are super busy doing it all in a day, and sometimes we just need a little outfit inspiration to reinvigorate our existing wardrobe. Here are five maxi dress outfits for moms on the go. I’ve styled these two dresses with items for which you might have a variation already in your closet – whether it’s a blazer, a cardigan, or a pair of fall booties.

These are cute, easy, and simple fall outfits that you can throw on in just a couple minutes and yet look really put together for your day or evening. I challenge you to pull out one of your existing maxi dresses and try to style it a new way using jackets, shoes, and accessories you already own!

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Leather Jacket Edgy Outfit

A leather jacket just gives all maxi dress outfits a really polished and edgy downtown look. It does the same for this pink floral maxi dress. The leather jacket also helps to neutralize the bright pink color and floral print, toning it down a notch for fall.

Maxi Dress Outfits - leather jacket and maxi dress - how to wear maxi dress fall weather

This is a cute simple fall outfit that incorporates a leather jacket and sparkly heels for a girls night out or date night.

Brown Neutral Maxi Dress Outfits

For this look, I’ve paired the off-white floral maxi dress with a neutral cardigan, brown suede open toe booties, and my prized Gucci GG Belt. It’s a simple fall outfit that looks really precious and feminine. It’s even a slightly bohemian maxi dress outfit.

Maxi dress outfits - neutral belted cardigan over maxi dress

Menswear Outfit

Maxi dresses are rarely seen as menswear looks. But by pairing this maxi dress with a structured blue blazer and menswear style slip-on loafers, I’ve given this extremely feminine and soft dress a bit of a powerful feel. This look can easily be worn to the office, and it’ll make you feel very in charge. So have fun playing around with this take on a maxi.

Maxi dress outfits - how to style a maxi dress for fall - menswear style

Black Cocktail Outfit

For a night out, or for a slightly more formal occasion, you can easily style a maxi dress like this with a black cardigan, a black belt, and black dress shoes. For a true day to night option, you can also wear this outfit from the office to after work drinks and dinner. It’ll take you through some cooler evenings in style.

Maxi dress outfits - black sweater over maxi dress - fall outfit ideas

Business Casual Or Brunch Outfit

Playing opposites can be a really fun way to style a maxi dress. For example, pair your dress with a black blazer and a pair of sneakers like these Comme Des Garcons x Converse cuties. The blazer feels really put together, while the sneakers add a playful touch to the look. While we’d normally wear a blazer with sneakers and a pair of jeans, this look is really cool.

Maxi Dress Outfits - Simple Fall Outfit - Blazer and Sneakers with Maxi Dress

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