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I just scored $1400 shoes for $299. Here’s how.


I’m a fan of designer shoes. Like big time. But I, like most women, can’t always justify the price tag that comes along with a designer label. And I also firmly believe that we don’t always have to spend an arm and a leg on these items.

I’ve become an expert designer discount shopper over the last decade of my life, and today I’m sharing with you just where I scored these $1400 Gianvito Rossi booties for $299, and how you can get a similar deal.

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What I Was Shopping For

I’ve been on the hunt for a gorgeous pair of designers black booties for months now. They’re my city staple. I wear them summer, spring, winter, and fall. You can wear them with just about anything, and somehow (since moving to Florida and not wearing black as much as I used to) all of my black booties have become outdated or really worn out. So I needed a new pair.

But I didn’t find anything I really loved, until I stumbled across the site below.

Where I Found Them – RueLaLa

inexpensive designer shoes at ruelalaMy most recent pair of designer shoes is this gorgeous pair of black studded Gianvito Rossi booties.

You guys, these booties originally retailed for $1,395, and I scored a brand new pair for just $299 on RueLaLa!

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So how is this possible?

It’s actually super simple. These are not current season shoes, and they’re marked down really low so people like me will snatch them up quickly. And it obviously works, because I couldn’t buy them quickly enough!

RueLaLa sells in-demand designer brands for up to 70% off what you’d normally pay, which is of course means you get amazing deals on stuff you actually want to buy!

Shop more discount designer shoes from RueLaLa.

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