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The Key to Making Your Denim Outfits More Chic


Denim lies at the heart of American fashion. It’s the basis for potentially the majority of the outfits we create (and the starting point for many a mom uniform). We can wear it to work, and most certainly in our off-work hours – running errands, playing with the kids, going out to brunch or dinner. But how do you wear your most comfortable pair of jeans in a way that looks extremely put together and stylish, and can potentially take you from day to night?

Miki is a mom and fashion blogger who writes the website Blogtrendz and Instagrams @blogtrendz, and she’s a master of putting together denim outfits that are super versatile, but always polished.

Chic Denim Outfit

Miki turns up these worn-in skinnies by pairing them with sleek heels, a structured white jacket and neutral bag, and a statement graphic tee and earrings.

As you can see above, she’s offset her distressed denim with a cool white graphic tee, a structured white blazer, neutral bag and sunnies, black heels, and red statement earrings.

Mixing neutrals with bold pops of color is a win when putting together a chic outfit.

Denim Shirt and Jeans Outfit

A denim shirt and jeans are broken up with hits of neutral in Miki’s shoes, belt, and handbag.

The denim-on-denim look is done right, as shown above. Miki’s skinny jeans and top are perfectly matched in hue, and are paired only with classic neutral accessories – pumps, shoulder bag, and belt. This outfit is perfect for daytime, and it can go straight to dinner and cocktails as well.

Red and Denim Outfit

Sometimes it just takes a pop of bright color to add sizzle to your look.

A red top, bag, and heels stand out against distressed, light-colored jeans. While adding a jacket could make or break the outfit, it’s done correctly here in a camel colored neutral, so as not to be too overpowering in tone.

Leather Jacket and Denim Outfit

A leather jacket gives any jeans and graphic tee outfit an edge.

A sleek, fitted leather biker jacket and neutral leather bag make a simple jeans and graphic t-shirt look more upscale and polished. The jacket gives it an edgier vibe and is perfect for looking put together while running daytime errands around town.

The Key To Making Your Denim5 Outfits More Chic Lies In Your Layers

As you can see by the photos above, your jacket, shoes, and accessories will define the nature of your outfit. These items have the ability to make your outfit bold or muted; and appropriate for the office, dinner, date-night, or girls night out.

  • A structured jacket and bag are the perfect bet for adding upscale detail to your denim6 outfits.
  • A classic pair of pointed-toe or rounded-toe pumps in a neutral or bold color will set the tone for the amount of flare you’re adding to your look.
  • And your jewelry will finish off your style. Dainty gold jewelry will give you more of a timeless, classic feel, while trendy pieces can be incorporated to make more of a bold statement.

Below, I’m curating some pieces for you to shop. Each of these items will help you elevate your basic denim outfits and make them something really special.

I’ve essentially given you three different ways to layer your jeans and t-shirt outfit in the three columns below. From bags to shoes to jackets to jewelry, I’ve got you covered.

  • The first column on the left contains, from top to bottom: a white blazer, black and gold earrings, black and gold necklace, black and white polka dot pumps, and a structured black tote.
  • The second outfit in the middle column features a bright red blazer, simple gold and red earrings, a gold wrap necklace, neutral pumps, and a neutral boho bag.
  • The third outfit on the right showcases a navy blazer, statement ‘bee’ earrings, a gold layered necklace, bright floral print pumps, and a richly tanned leather tote.

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