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This Is The Best Way To Pack Your Shoes For Travel, Period


I’ve recently come to know and love a certain product that makes packing your suitcase much more efficient – especially when it comes to your shoes. And while I must legally mention that I received free product for the purpose of this article, it’s only because I LOVE this brand and product that I’m writing about it here. So if you want to learn the best way to pack your shoes for travel, keep reading.

My friend Camille of ShoeShoeBags has designed the most amazing protective shoe bags for your shoes. While traditional shoe bags consist of one drawstring bag that encloses both shoes in a pair, Camille’s design includes two separate pouches – one for each shoe.

Each pouch has its own drawstring, and can be snapped together in the middle – so you can connect them or separate them at your desire.

The Best Way To Pack Your Shoes For Travel

These shoe bags will make packing your suitcase much more efficient.

Why Is This The Best Protective Shoe Bag Design I’ve Ever Seen?

First, the fact that each shoe can be packed separately makes packing your suitcase so much more efficient. Each shoe can go into your bag separately – you can stack them on top of each other, or you can put them on opposite sides of the suitcase. You’ll be able to potentially fit more items into your suitcase, since you’ll be that much more efficient.

Second, having your shoes separately enclosed means they won’t be rubbing together. This is very important if your shoes are made of delicate fabric that can be scratched or ruined easily. Patent leather, velvet, and suede are three shoe fabrics that are easily marred, and they will each benefit from being separately contained.

ShoeShoeBags Store Shoes Separately

These shoe bags prevent shoes from rubbing together, thus helping to save delicate fabrics like suede, velvet, and patent leather.

My Experience Traveling With ShoeShoeBags

Traveling with your shoes can have two implications, which I recently put to use while we (unfortunately) evacuated our home ahead of Hurricane Irma. I used all three sets of the ShoeShoeBags that Camille so kindly sent me. Two of them went into my checked luggage, and one went into my carry-on. Let me tell you about how I used them in each scenario:

Shoe Bags For My Carry-On

When I travel, I love to wear my heels. Even when I’m running through the airport chasing after my now two-year-old son. I usually wear my heels because a) I love heels, but also b) because they’re usually clunkier than flats and I like to keep my luggage weight down wherever I can, so as to avoid those over-the-weight-limit fees.

But when I get on the plane, I love to change into a pair of flats, or even slippers, depending on how long my flight is going to be. So, when I pack my carry-on, I pack a pair of flats in a shoe bag. This time, I used my ShoeShoeBags, and I am happy to say that it absolutely made packing shoes in my carry-on a delight. And another benefit of these bags is that they store both flats and heels just as nicely.

Protective Shoe Bags Help Keep Shoes Safe While Traveling

The absolute best way to store your shoes for travel – even in your carry on – is with protective shoe bags like these.

Shoe Bags For My Checked Suitcase

For this particular trip, I packed two additional pairs of shoes in my suitcase. One was a pair of Nike sneakers, and the other was a pair of booties. Both packed nicely into the shoe bags, and I was so happy that they’d be safe and that I wouldn’t have to worry about them rubbing all over my clothes and toiletry items that were also packed.

And as I mentioned earlier, the fact that each shoe is packed and can be located separately within your suitcase is an absolute winning factor in this product’s design.

Price Points and How To Buy

All standard ShoeShoeBags are $45 USD, which is a substantial value, considering their potential lifetime use and cost per wear or cost per use, as I talk about often.  Moms, this product will make your life so much easier and more efficient, so I give this product a thumbs up and encourage you to order a pair or two for yourself or a loved one!

Shoe Bags for Travel

ShoeShoeBags are the best accessories for your suitcase and carry on luggage.