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Saranghae Skin Care Review | Mommy Time – Skin Trend Alert


If you’re a busy mom who’s also a fountain of youth chaser, you’re going to love this. I’m sharing with you my most complete Saranghae skin care review, because I feel this Korean skin care line is worth sharing with you. Have you ever just fallen in LOVE with your skin care routine? As in, you can’t live without it, and you can’t wait to use it?

Especially as you have kids, feel the effects of hormone changes, and see the subtle signs of aging? It can be hard to find the right skin care products – and our needs can change throughout life. But let me introduce you to a skin care line that you should consider – Saranghae. Saranghae (it means I Love You in Korean) is one of the hottest skin care lines to hit the market, and they want to revolutionize your skincare and anti-aging routine. I’m going to tell you all about it and why I love it so much in my Saranghae skin care review.

FYI, I was compensated for this post. But as you have come to know about LUXYMOM™, I maintain a strict editorial policy. I only write positive reviews about products and services I actually love. So you can be sure that the thoughts are my own and are 100% truthful. Let’s get down to business.

What Is Mommy Time And Why Do You Need It?

Mommy time is just what it sounds like, and every mom needs it. It’s a few minutes here and there – and sometimes a longer stretch of time – to take care of yourself. You are the number one caretaker in the household, and you need to be able to function at 100% in order to take care of those precious angels of yours.

Mommy time can take many forms, and because a long getaway isn’t always an option, I’m giving you a realistic way you can give yourself some mommy time every single day – twice a day! It’s an amazing skin care routine that will leave you feeling refreshed, awakened, and like you just had a facial at the spa. I’m really not kidding – this skincare routine is amazing, luxurious, and it works. I tested it out and I’m sharing my Saranghae skin care review with you here.

Why We Need Great Skin Care

I’ve been reading, researching, and doing endless soul searching on the importance of maintaining a good skin care routine. I’ve always been interested in finding the best skin care products, even since I was in my teens. And I’ve always loved trying new products. But I’m more and more concerned with my skin care, the closer I get to the big 4-0.

In this last decade (my 30s), I’ve had two babies, been a stay at home mom, and then started a business. My husband is a banking executive and a business owner, too. And we manage to live in two cities at different times throughout the year. Life. Is. Busy. And life takes its toll on your skin.

We need great skin care for both the appearance of our skin as well as some level of inner happiness and confidence (at least I do). I promise you that if I don’t feel my skin is looking as good as it should (for my age), then I won’t feel as great as if I know I’m taking care of it. I do believe that some level of Fountain of Youth can be achieved through a solid skin care routine. And this is the reason I’ve put together this Saranghae skin care review for you – so you can find a fun and easy way to give yourself some mommy time – and take care of your skin – at the same time.

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How To Enjoy Your Skin Care Routine (Even On Your Busiest and Most Tiring Days)

Make yourself a priority. Every single day. This is possible, but sometimes it just requires some planning, or some serious stick-to-it-ness.

Know that by spending 10 minutes alone in the bathroom, going through your skincare routine twice a day, you’re affording yourself a minute to breathe; a moment to soak in silence; and you’re going to see immediate and long-term benefits to the health of your skin. It’s your body’s largest organ, so it’s incredibly important that you take care of it. Love it, and it’ll love you back.

What is Saranghae

Saranghae Skin Care Review

Saranghae (which means I Love You in Korean) is a skin care line originally created by the mother of the current President & CEO, and based on what is called the Dongui Bogam (“a priceless book about medicines of an Eastern country”). The line was started with just one skin cream, originally meant to help heal scar and burn victims. It has now grown to a full product line with sustainably harvested botanicals, using research from their partnership with the University of Seoul in South Korea.

This is not a new skincare line. In fact, it was started over 20 years ago, when the daughter of the original creator started selling her mom’s homemade skincare creams from her university dorm room. That was the foundation for the production of a full line of skincare products.

What Makes Saranghae Skin Care Revolutionary

The primary ingredient in Saranghae products is the Sang Hwang mushroom, “one of the rarest and most valuable natural healing ingredients in the world,” according to their product pamphlet that accompanies the 5-step skin care routine I used. Other ingredients in the line include Panax Ginseng, Black Truffle, Green Tea, Gold (yes, GOLD!), Sunflower Seed Oil, and Korean Marigold Flower, to name a few. I mean, the list sounds impressive, and I like that they have a university research partner testing the efficacy of these ingredients. All of this factors into my Saranghae skin care review.

The Saranghae Philosophy

They focus on long-term skin health, and not just on short-term gains, or making your skin appear healthy and young with reflective ingredients. As a busy mom who doesn’t have a LOT of time for myself, I appreciate an efficient routine with effective ingredients that gets the job done and will work for me over time

How To Use The Saranghae 5 Step Skincare Routine

Here’s the order in which you should use the Saranghae 5 step skin care routine products:

  1. Nourishing and moisturizing oil + foam cleanser
  2. Elemental essence mask (use this once a week directly after the cleanser. They come in packs of 6).
  3. Deep radiance essence + serum
  4. Firm and lift regeneration cream
  5. Focus renewal eye cream

Saranghae Korean Skin Care Review

How Long Until I See Improvements In My Skin?

For my Saranghae skin care review, I used the full 5-step skin care routine. I’m sure you can get nice results using one or two of the products. But I’m here to tell you that by using all of the products, I got the maximum benefit from each one.

I noticed an immediate, dewey glow, as well as immediate – and lasting – rehydration of my skin. This was the most impressive part. Where other skin care lines might wow you with immediate appearances, only to disappoint you with non-lasting results, this was different. This line is effective. It’s been instant gratification that continues to withstand the test of time.

LUXYMOM’s™ Saranghae Skin Care Review

How I Use The Product

When I began this skin care routine, I committed to using the products for a minimum of 20 days straight before even attempting to make a decision on whether I like the product or not. So I’ve used it morning and night as instructed. And I’m going to tell you a few things I noticed.

What I Love About The Saranghae 5 Step Skin Care Routine

Saranghae 5 Step Skin Care Routine

From the very beginning, the product seemed pretty amazing. The packaging is gorgeous (not that packaging means anything about the product inside, necessarily – but I do believe in companies who are serious enough about their brand to invest in the image – and packaging certainly falls within that umbrella).

The smell of each of the five products is spa-worthy – earthy, green, fresh – and I love that the smell of the products complement each other, rather than compete with one another.

I started my 20-days with an evening routine, at the end of what seemed like the longest day in history – bustling my kids around Chicago and generally feeling worn down from the amount of work, housework, and kids’ to-do’s I had on my plate. My skin felt dry. It felt under-nourished. I felt drained and dehydrated. But I’ll tell you what – there is NOTHING – and I mean NOTHING – like a little me-time skin care routine at the end of the day to make you feel like a new person, and relaxed enough for a good night’s sleep.

And so I continued with this routine, morning and night, for the full 20 days. It’s not often that I’m blown away by my skin care. In fact, usually, I’m pretty underwhelmed. But in complete honesty…

I’m really impressed with Saranghae. Here’s why:

From the very first time I used the entire routine, my face appeared dewey. As in, I felt like my skin looked nearly ten years younger. At first, I thought maybe the effects would be fleeting. But I was wrong. The effects are lasting. My skin felt hydrated from morning to night, and back to morning again. My skin hasn’t felt parched since I began using the line.

We all know that deydrated skin looks older. But the bottom line for my Saranghae skin care review is this. My current skin, after 20 days of using the 5 step Saranghae skin care line, looks and feels younger than it did before I started. I love each and every one of the products and how they combine to give me the skin I naturally had quite a few years ago (aka, when I was younger).

Will I be re-ordering these products when I run out? Yes, I will. And I think you should consider giving it a try, too.

My Saranghae Skin Care Before and After Photos

Saranghae Korean Skin Care Review Saranghae Skin Care Review Before and After Photos

My results aren’t necessarily striking in this photos, but my skin felt a striking difference. Overall, my skin now feels:

  1. More hydrated.  This is consistent – it is not a short-lived effect, and I don’t have to keep reapplying moisturizer throughout the day.
  2. More even. I have a few dark spots on my cheeks – probably due partly to age, and partly to sun damage over the years. But these products have definitely improved my dark spots, by lightly fading them. I didn’t even know this was one of the benefits, until I actually noticed that my dark spots seemed lighter, and then I read the product information in more detail. Sure enough, they were doing what they claimed to do.
  3. Younger. My skin is behaving better for me. 🙂 It looks vibrant and dewey; not sallow and dry. My lines have faded, and so have those dark spots. And I just feel that my outside reflects how I feel on the inside – full of energy!

Get More Information On Saranghae Skin Care Products And The Brand

Thanks for reading my Saranghae skin care review! To learn more, visit Saranghae’s website, or follow their social media channels:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovesaranghaeskin

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lovesaranghaeskin

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/lovesaranghae

Youtube: www.youtube.com/lovesaranghaeskin

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