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See How This Nashville Fashion Blogger Styles Jackets for Summer


The calendar reads June, but I have the inside scoop on some of the best jackets for summer and how to style them – straight from Nashville Fashion Blogger Carol Imhoff, of the website My Smart Collection.

Whether you’re pregnant; a new mom in your fourth trimester; or a seasoned, stylish mom, you’ll be able to pull off any of these looks.

I was quickly drawn to Carol’s style when I met her on Instagram, and I noticed that she was always rocking really beautiful jackets. She is able to style both classic and trendy pieces so that her outfits look perfectly polished.

Lightweight Black Leather Jacket for Summer

This lightweight black leather jacket is perfect over a top and track pants for a summer evening. Photo Cred: Megan Cencula for mysmartcollection.com

Lightweight Green Jacket for Spring

Photo Cred: Megan Cencula for mysmartcollection.com

Houndstooth Jacket and Shorts for Summer

Pairing a blazer like this one with a pair of heels and casual shorts is the perfect out-on-the-town summer outfit. Photo Cred: Megan Cencula for mysmartcollection.com

Her absolute favorite jacket styles to wear are moto jackets, bomber jackets, and tuxedo jackets.

A moto jacket will never go out of style,” Carol told me. “You can wear it again and again, every single season.

I agree with her on this, as I’ve had a little brown moto jacket now for a good ten years, and it has never failed me.

I usually love wearing a simple white graphic tee, jeans, Keds, and my moto jacket. It truly elevates the look from casual to CHIC,” she advises.

How to Shop for Jackets and What Pieces to Buy Now

Jackets can be investment pieces, but you can spend a little or a lot and still get a great item that will last a long time. So how should you shop for jackets? Is there a method to the madness that will make your life easier?

Carol explains, “I don’t just shop… I look for pieces that will accentuate my closet. Go into your closet, see what pieces you already own, and try to find a jacket that will complement them. This is exactly what I do when I shop for a jacket.”

So what is her favorite choice of jacket to buy now? “Moto leather jackets from Zara. They are amazing quality.” BRB, heading over to Zara for some jackets now!

Her final thoughts on shopping for jackets: “If you look closer into your closet, you will find many treasures. A jacket is the finishing touch to any outfit.”

Thanks so much to Carol for sharing her thoughts and style tips! You can find her at:

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