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Shirt Dresses Are A Fall Staple, Wherever You Live


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It’s mid-October, and with that comes the change of seasons that can wreak havoc on our daily “what do I wear” dilemma. Some days it’s warm, some days it’s cool. But I’ve found that a shirt dress is the perfect type of dress for fall, whether you live in New York or Florida. Keep reading to see what you should wear, where you can buy it, and how you should style it.

The Shirt Dress is a Fall Staple

I feel like we’ve been having a lot of those in-between temperature days lately, where it’s either just a little too hot, or just a little on the cold side. This means that it’s layering weather. And through a whole lot of experience in my Midwest upbringing, I’ve become an expert in the art of layering. Even now that I’m located in a warmer climate, I still need pieces that will layer, especially as we move into these fall and winter months.

Below is my pick for one of the best shirt dresses UNDER $50!

I’m so impressed that this gorgeous, blue button-down, tied-waist shirt dress is under $50. The draping makes it look much more expensive. And I see SO may ways to style it. You can click directly on the image to shop it, but take a peek below to see two of my favorite ways to style it!

I’m going to style this shirt dress for you two ways for in between weather, but both are looks for everyday, daytime wear.

Look One

This outfit is just perfect for so many outings. It’s even great for some work looks in a business casual setting. A knee-high boot and fur vest will keep you warm on a slightly cool day, and some chic accessories like these bracelets and this tote are the perfect way to finish off this look.


Look Two

The outfit below is great if it’s a slightly warmer fall day and you’re not feeling the need to cover your legs entirely. A cute suede flat with a fur pom is so sweet and still a really refined way to wear flats. I actually tried these shoes on a couple of days ago, and I’m actually regretting that I didn’t purchase them, so I may be going back.

Below are 18 – EIGHTEEN! – shirt dresses you HAVE to check out. Happy shopping! I hope one or more of these dresses work for you!