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Shoe Bags For Your Daily Commute – and They Make a Great Holiday Gift


If you spend a considerable amount of time in your car – whether you’re commuting to work or running your kids around town (and feel more like an Uber driver) – you’ll probably agree that sometimes you don’t want to wear your stylish shoes during a long car ride, but you’d love to wear them when you get to your destination! For this reason, I always commute with  a set of my favorite shoe bags from ShoeShoeBags.

And because they’re such a great accessory, I vote that they’ll also make great holiday gifts for mom, since it IS the season for giving, after all. (wink wink)

Shoe Bags for Travel

These shoe bags from ShoeShoeBags are the perfect way to travel in comfort and go where you want in style.

Now, while I may have been given some sets of these shoe bags for the purpose of this article, I can personally attest that they are worth every penny, and they’re actually not at all expensive – especially considering you can get SO much use out of them! They’re totally worth it.

Shoe Bags For Commuting – The Best Invention For Your Daily Car Rides

In my former life, I had a two-hour commute for about a three year period, where I drove Monday through Friday from the City of Chicago out to one of the suburbs. This meant I spent roughly four hours each day JUST in a car. (It was awful, and thank God it’s in my past!)

But being the eternal fashionista that I am, I learned very quickly how to navigate wearing my cutest shoes with taking the longest car rides, and sometimes navigating the nastiest weather on the planet.

As a side note, one of those commuter afternoons ended up being the day of the big Chi-beria snowstorm, and – in a strange and lucky twist of fate, I took a route I normally wouldn’t have taken – which kept me from getting stuck on Lake Shore Drive for hours. I digress.

Shoe Bags for Daily Commute

These shoe bags are snapped together with a strap that can easily hang them over the handle of your bag, or un-snap if you’d like to store them separately within your bag. They’re so convenient!

As you can see in the caption above, I absolutely love how these bags can be stored. You can keep them together or snap them apart to store them separately within your bag – making them really convenient and space-saving. Sometimes our beautiful shoes can be a bit clunky – especially those gym shoes!

And while you’re thinking about these as gifts, you might consider that they’ll hold a beautiful pair of heels that would also make a great Christmas gift for mom!

Shoe Bags from ShoeShoeBags on LUXYMOM

Commute Like The It Girls – Make Your Life Easier

I’ve learned in the last few years to stop swimming upstream. Meaning, let’s make our lives easier rather than harder. Doesn’t that sound nice?

I was always so uncomfortable wearing my nice stilettos in the car for hours on end, that I decided to start carrying a pair of “driving shoes,” as I like to call them, with me. Sometimes I bring a pair of flip flops, and other times I bring a pair of cute flats – mostly depending on the weather.

It’s become more of a habit now than anything, and I always bring a pair of driving shoes in the car in one of my sets of ShoeShoeBags. Then, when I get in the car, I take my driving shoes out and put them on, and store my nice heels in the shoe bags for my commute. When I get to my destination, I switch back into my nice shoes and store my driving shoes in my shoe bags.

Shoe Bags for Shoe Storage



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