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Shoe Bags for Bad Weather


Shoe Bags for Bad Weather - LUXYMOM.com

Perhaps you’ve heard me tout these amazing shoe bags before (here and here), but if not, let me tell you – now that I’m traveling for the holidays, from sunny Florida to the freezing and snowy Midwest – ShoeShoeBags are the absolute best shoe bags to protect your shoes from bad weather!

*As a side note, I was given complimentary product for this article, but as always, I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t actually love the product, so you can be sure the thoughts in this article are my true feelings.

ShoeShoeBags Shoe Bags for Bad Weather

These shoe bags will protect your shoes from all types of bad weather. In my case, over this last week, it was snow!

Let me tell you why these Shoe Bags are so great:

They’re made from a durable material that keeps the elements away from your delicate leather, velvet, and suede shoes. Isn’t this one of the most important considerations when buying a new pair of shoes?

No one wants to purchase a beautiful pair of suede stilettos when you know it’s going to rain unexpectedly 50% of the year. Whether you’re in the North where snow and ice storms are common in winter, or whether you’re in the South where summer brings rain, we all have the need to protect our shoes from bad weather.

With shoe bags like these, you simply carry your nice pair of shoes in your shoe bags to your destination, and change into them when you arrive. They fit nicely into many bags, or check them with the coat check at your destination restaurant!

I even keep a pair in my car most days, just in case – especially during rainy season in Florida. Because you can be certain that you’ll get a daily downpour.

Durable Shoe Bags for Bad Weather

The material is durable to withstand the elements, yet soft and thin to be easily carried and packed away.

ShoeShoeBags Shoe Bags Details

Multipurpose Uses for Shoe Bags

This product has been a game changer for me recently. I’ve acquired three pairs of ShoeShoeBags, and not only do I travel with them every time I hop on an airplane, but I also carry them for my daily commute in my large carryall tote.

My boys (2 babies, one husband) and I traveled for the holidays from Naples, Florida to Omaha, Nebraska, and while we got so lucky to have a cold and snowy White Christmas this year, needless to say I was concerned about what shoes I should pack. However, I quickly realized that my fears could subside because I’d be traveling with my shoe bags. While it was cold and the weather was inclement to say the least, my shoes were surely protected from the elements.

We had ice and around four inches of snow that stuck around to make for a very picturesque White Christmas in which all the kiddos went sledding and built snowman, and I still felt comfortable wearing (and carrying) my nice shoes to and from family gatherings in my ShoeShoeBags.

Convenient Shoe Storage

Although it had snowed the night before, it was sunny this day and I was very happy to have my ShoeShoeBags shoe bags with me, so as not to ruin my new leather booties! I also love how you can attach each shoe together and carry the pair over your shoulder with this convenient design.

Besides being great to protect shoes from the rain and snow, shoe bags are just plain great for shoe storage, staying organized, and generally keeping your shoes in great condition. Even in your own home and closet.

So if you’ve ever wondered if you’d be able to wear suede shoes or velvet shoes or any other kind of delicate shoes in the snow and rain, you definitely can. But only if you’re prepared with a great product like this.

I can personally tell you from my own experience using ShoeShoeBags almost daily over the last six months, they’re the best. I’d love for you to check them out, because the product is great and the woman behind the product is also great. She saw a need and she created a product to fulfill that need – and that’s something I can also champion.