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What Is A Gift Card Personal Styling Service?

This is the service that MOMTRENDS called “the answer to a $1 BILLION problem.” It’s the solution to all those gift cards you’ve wasted over the years. And it’ll make sure you never waste another gift card again. Rather, we’re going to help you spend your unused gift cards to all your favorite retailers. And it’s completely free (for now).

How We Help You Spend Your Unused Gift Cards, And Why It’s A Free Service

Here’s how our online personal styling service works:

  1. Fill out the brief form below, telling us about your gift card. It’ll take you about 30 seconds to complete.
  2. We’ll create an online look book full of the most stylish products you can buy with your unused gift card.
  3. You can shop each item simply by clicking the picture in the look book.
  4. That’s it! Then you can simply thank the person who gave you that amazing gift card, and repeat the process for all your unused gift cards!
  5. And don’t forget to share the love by sharing this service with all your friends!

Here’s why we decided to make it a free service (for now):

We could charge an arm and a leg for this service, but we didn’t think that’s a realistic proposition. We want you to be able to spend your unused gift cards on the things that’ll make you SMILE – without any extra fees attached. Otherwise, that’d seem like a waste of money, and no one wants that.

We’re in a lucky position, as a content publisher (see our amazing fashion blog for moms) – we have access to a lengthy list of retailers through our major affiliate network partners. So at no extra cost to you, whenever you make a purchase through any links on our site, we’ll make a commission straight from the retailer. This comes at no extra cost to you, and we appreciate your support by shopping through LUXYMOM™.

So PLEASE – enjoy this service and share it with everyone you know!

Available Retailers

We currently work with these retailers.

We can also help you if you have a Visa or Amex gift card, or if you simply would like to get yourself something nice from one of the supported retailers.

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