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Style Hack – Wear Suede Shoes In The Rain


They say April showers bring May flowers. And while flowers may indeed bloom in May, it also definitely rains. Sometimes it pours.

Wear Your Suede Shoes on a Rainy Day

With a little preparation, this shoe hack will have you wearing your beautiful suede shoes on the rainiest of days.

Unpredictable weather this time of year can leave us in a quandary when it comes to what shoes we wear. I know I’ve passed on many a suede heel because I’m afraid of ruining them in inclement weather.

But, I got really tired of passing up on those beautiful shoes (see some examples here). I started doing this one thing and it’s been a lifesaver. I hope you find it useful, too, so you can start wearing suede shoes, even when the weather forecast isn’t sunny.

The Hack That Will Let You Wear Suede Shoes In The Rain

On a day where you think it might rain, go ahead and wear those delicate shoes. But carry a shoe bag and enclose in it a back-up pair – one that can withstand a little weather.

If you’re not purchasing designer shoes on the regular, you might not be so familiar with these super handy items. They come with almost every pair of designer shoes you’ll ever buy, which is how I really became accustomed to them.

But a much easier and cheaper way to get your hands on them is to purchase a set like the ones made by Camille Bonne’s Shoe Shoe Bags.

Camille has always loved sewing and inventing things, especially accessories. Three years ago, she began creating shoe bags out of sheer necessity. She lives in Québec, and because of its winters, she always found herself with shoes in her handbag, packed in plastic bags – functional, but not ideal.

She took matters into her own hands, wanting to create a product that was simple, useful, compact, and nice-looking.

And her design is actually superior to the single bags that traditionally come with shoes. Her bags come as a set – one for each shoe. While developing her product, she found that this is actually ideal for storage in a handbag, or in a suitcase for travel. You can position each shoe as necessary, allowing for better and more compact storage.

As she puts it: Better Storage. Better Protection.


Each of her bags is made to contain either flat shoes or heels, so you can switch out shoes at any time. And she’s getting ready to release a new collection soon, with additional designs and colors.

Prices are listed in CAD on the site, but translate loosely to $20-32 USD – and they offer free shipping and returns to the US and Canada.

(Photos below belong to ShoeShoeBags®.)

ShoeShoeBags - shoe bags

ShoeShoeBags - In Luggage

These shoe bags are so easily stored for travel.

ShoeShoeBags - Windowsill


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