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The Most Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms


The Most Stylish Valentine's Day Gifts For Moms - from LUXYMOM™

Our two-week countdown to Valentine’s Day is ON! You still have time to find your mom (or significant other, relative, or friend who IS a mom) something super fashionable and stylish for Valentine’s Day. Here’s our official roundup of the most STYLISH Valentine’s Day gifts for moms. And remember that stylish finds don’t have to be expensive. As always, LUXYMOM™ only finds the most stylish items that all the It Girls have or would want. So you can be sure these are the hottest items to buy moms for Valentine’s Day, from $40 to $1,000, there’s something for everyone here!


You can never, ever go wrong with a great pair of shoes. Whether she’s into heels, wedges, booties, or needs a pair of sandals for an upcoming vacation, here are some of our picks for great shoes to buy moms for Valentine’s Day. Her feet will thank you!

This is also a great opportunity to buy her something she either has been wanting for a while, or to get her something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. That makes a great gift, in our opinion, because it’s super thoughtful, and we all love what we don’t currently have.

The Sam Edelman shoes above are amazing gifts for moms who love to make a statement with their shoes. These ones fall into the “she normally wouldn’t buy them for herself,” because if she’s practical, she may not want to spend the money. The pink hue and the leopard print are so vibrant and fun, and would look great with a great pair of jeans. And both pairs are on sale right now, making them a must buy!

This white sandal shoe style is so fresh for spring, and I’ve found a pair in quite different price ranges. The Gucci’s are $730, while the Sam Edelmans are on sale at Zappos for only $84.99. And I can personally vouch for the Sam Edelman version, owning them myself in two other colors (natural cork and a floral print). They fit great, and I get a million compliments on them.


This year, you can show your love by way of a heart motif handbag. Here are six really cute options ranging from $40 to over $1,000. We are loving all these cute, festive styles right now! They’re perfect for a date night or just as really fun accessories throughout the year. Pair a cute bag with a heartfelt card from my favorite, Papyrus, and you’re sure to melt her heart.



Can you tell we have a theme going on here? Give us ALL the hearts right now! How precious are these pieces?

There’s a reason we’ve filled our top stylish gift ideas with accessories items. They’re a) super stylish, and b) they almost always fit well.

Sometimes gifting an outfit can get tricky with sizing (although I’d never dissuade you from buying someone an outfit – just always know they’re typical size, and include the gift receipt so they can exchange for a different size or style). From gloves to scarfs to heart rings, the items below are super fabulous and range from $38 to $630. She’ll be excited to receive any of these as gifts!

Whatever you give your mom, or that special lady who happens to BE a mom, make sure you precede the gift with a beautiful card and handwritten, heartfelt note. The older I get, the more and more I appreciate this gesture more than an actual gift (but I’ll take the gift, too, please – wink wink)!
Stick to one of these items above, and you’ll definitely make her Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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