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The Best Summer Wedding Guest Dress For Stylish Moms


Summer is the season for weddings all across the country, and as you stylish moms prepare to look your best as a guest at any wedding, I want to share with you the most amazing dress I’ve found. It’s such an appropriate and pretty summer wedding guest dress – and you can wear it so many other places as well!

I came across this Zimmermann Meridian Eyelet Lace dress when I was actually shopping in a Saks Fifth Avenue store and saw it on a mannequin. I was shopping with my crazy-busy one-year-old at the time, which meant I wasn’t able to stop and try it on.

But I looked at the tag and noted the designer, and then looked it up online when I got home later that day. I immediately placed the order.

Best Summer Wedding Guest Dress

This gorgeous Zimmermann eyelet lace cocktail dress is my number one pick for the perfect summer wedding guest dress this year.

Best Summer Wedding Guest Dress Back View

This dress has the most stunning back detail. With flouncy eyelet lace ruffles and a cut-out at the waist, it’s a show-stopper.

Eyelet Lace Cocktail Dress For Summer

There are so many pretty little details on this amazing design.

Zimmermann Meridian Eyelet Lace Dress Front View

It’s always important to be appropriately dressed but still feel like you have your own individual style.

This is the perfect summer wedding guest dress for a few reasons:

I immediately fell in love with this party dress. It’s such a special and unique design.

  1. It has beautiful eyelet lace and ruffles along the neckline and hem, making it oh-so-sweet and feminine.
  2. The neckline and silhouette of this dress are gorgeous for a daytime or cocktail venue, making it really versatile. It really is such a beautiful cocktail dress or daytime party dress.
  3. The colors are so light and airy and will complement the occasion.
  4. The overall design is striking, making it a show-stopper.

If you’re looking for a cocktail dress that will be perfect for any summer party, this is one to try. Let me know what you think about it!

I’m linking this exact dress, plus four other items from this collection! I know, this is a pricey one, but I think it’s so worth it because of the sheer number of wears I’m going to get out of it! Rule number one when budgeting: always figure out your cost per wear.

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