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Top ThredUP Reviews – This Is One Of The Best Online Thrift Stores


Picture this: You’re knee deep in a pile of laundry, a mess of disheveled hair and still in your pj’s (it’s NOON), and you haven’t had a minute to go pick up a dress for this weekend’s cocktail event. (This is me a lot these days). What is a busy mom to do? Never fear – I have the answer. I recently had the pleasure of trying out ThredUP, one of the best online thrift stores on the good ole’ Internet (aka a mom’s savior), and I’ve written one of the most thorough ThredUP reviews to convince you that this is going to be your saving grace. Read on, my friend.

While this is a sponsored post, you guys know by now that I only write about products and services I use and love, so you can be sure that I do endorse this website. I’ve now shopped twice with them, and will continue to do so for myself and my family. You can read my full affiliate and editorial policy for more.

Among the Sea of ThredUP Reviews – Why I Decided To Write One

ThredUP Reviews - Best Online Thrift Stores

This is the cute packaging from my two ThredUP finds. Isn’t it adorable?

To be honest, before ThredUP approached me, I had heard of them plenty of times. But I’d never shopped with them. I’ve done lots of consignment shopping over the years, mainly to find designer pieces at really great prices. But I think sometimes the term “consignment” gets a bad rap. It’s kind of scary not knowing what the best online thrift stores may be, after all. Is the place reputable? Are the clothes clean? Are they in good condition? But after really sifting through ThredUP’s inventory, I knew I wanted to give this a go. And after such a positive experience, I wanted to tell you about it, too.

Nothing is more exciting to me than the thrill of the hunt for a good fashion deal. When I started this process, I really wanted to find one or two classic pieces I could wear on repeat. I’d had a few ideas of pieces and designers that I wanted to shop, so I started by doing some searches for specific designers and styles. In my case, I wanted a cocktail dress and a cozy sweater. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a strong variety in their lineup of both.

Shopping Tip: Realizing that inventory changes all the time, since it is consignment after all, I decided to shortlist my favorites by “hearting” the ones I loved best. That way, I wouldn’t forget what I loved, and I’d know right away if it sold out. If something sells, it’ll disappear from your Favorites list.

What I Wanted To Buy On ThredUP

As I mentioned, my previous consignment shopping excursions have been to find gently used designer items at really great prices. So I started by looking up all of their high end designers. I found pieces that had never been worn. I found beautiful, New With Tags items, by Hervé Leger and Missoni! I also found gorgeous, Like New pieces, from Parker, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermés, Joie, Burberry, Chloe, and Valentino. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is, you can find just about anything!

ThredUP Cozy Sweater Closeup LUXYMOM

This is the cutest, coziest sweater. Read on to see more of what I found on ThredUP!

What I Bought On ThredUP

I went with a little black dress from Lovers + Friends, and a gorgeous sweater from Blumarine. I got both pieces for under $150. What a great deal, as I would have paid more than double the amount for each piece individually had I purchased them new. Who can’t get a ton of use out of a little black dress? I knew these pieces would make a lot of sense to add to my wardrobe. Being able to wear an item many times is incredibly important to me. Because I love an item from which I can get a good cost per wear.

ThredUP Blumarine Sweater Full Length Pic LUXYMOM

I adore wearing this long sweater with a pair of leggings and some neutral heels. It feels so chic, and yet is such a comfy alternative to athleisure. Sometimes you want to get out of the house feeling comfy, but also looking really put together.

ThredUP Little Black Dress Closeup LUXYMOM

I love a little black dress so much, that it was the namesake for the clothing line I designed in the early 2000’s. This style from Lovers + Friends has an awesome mom-bod-friendly peplum that makes this bodycon style flattering and comfortable.

ThredUP Little Black Dress LUXYMOM

Isn’t this location a dream? A little black dress lets you blend into any backdrop, and stand out in your own special way.

ThredUP Reviews – Selling Your Clothes

This online consignment store obviously has two ways you can interact with it. You can either shop its selection of consignment clothes, or you can sell your own clothes and make a bit of money in the process.

While my review isn’t about selling your clothes, I’m sure this is of interest to some of you. So I’m sharing with you two reviews of ThredUP selling. I think each is very honest and may give you some better insight into that process.

Review of Selling With ThredUP – Is It Worth It? by Kierstin Gunsberg of Tough Nickel

ThredUP Review: Is The Online Consignment Store Worth It? by Kimberly Button of Eat Green Be Well

Why ThredUP Is One Of The Best Online Thrift Stores

After shopping on ThredUP.com twice now, I’m convinced it’s one of the best online thrift stores out there. They’re really good at buying, and they clearly know what is going to sell. Their inventory is fresh, unique, and on-trend. Each piece is also very carefully labeled as to its condition.

ThredUP Reviews – Why You Should Consider Shopping With ThredUP

  • You can get designer pieces at affordable prices.
  • You can buy brand new clothing with the tags still attached.
  • Each item’s condition is painstakingly detailed.
  • Everything comes packaged up nice and on time.
  • It’s convenient! Time is our most precious commodity, and this service saves you time.
  • According to other ThredUP reviews, you can get a shopping credit by selling your clothes here, too.
  • Based on my user experience, it’s one of the best online thrift stores out there.

Want Some Help With Your Online Consignment Shopping?

You know I’m here to help, 24/7. Head over to my personal styling page and pick up a monthly membership, and you can chat with me about all your style questions – even have me pick out some outfits for you. It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it’s for YOU, mama!