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Three Fall Fashion Trends To Invest In Now


Every season, there are so many fashion trends, it can seem daunting to figure out what to buy. Can you possibly acquire all the trends in your wardrobe? And would that even make sense? I mean, would you actually wear them all? How do you purchase smartly, to maximize your budget and buy items that you’re going to get a lot of use from? I’m going to share with you three hot fall 2017 fashion trends that you should invest in, and why they’ll make smart purchases.

First: The Three Trends To Invest In For Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Invest in trends that are timeless, versatile and wearable, and those that fit into your own personal style.

Vintage Florals

Think of a Victorian wallpaper, your grandmother’s sofa, or an old curtain. This is the inspiration for this season’s mix of florals. Designers have re-envisioned a classic, and paired it with modern silhouettes to give floral patterns a fresh update.

Floral patterns will really never go out of style. If they fade in fashion even for a bit, you can be sure they’ll come right back around sooner or later, so investing in a few floral print pieces that you love is a safe gamble.

I’d even care to wager that it’s a category where even if you go for the pricier designer pieces, it’ll be money well spent, so long as the actual design of the item itself is timeless.

(Faux) Fur

Fur – or hopefully, faux fur – is a smart addition to a wardrobe, also primarily for the fact that it’s timeless. Again, it may go in and out of fashion for a small period of time, but once fall and winter roll around, you can be pretty sure that you’ll look chic with some version of fur.

My recommendation for a smart addition to your fall wardrobe is a faux fur vest. It can be worn over tees, sweaters, and dresses, which makes it the perfect pairing for so many outfits.

Our grandmothers wore fur; our mothers wore fur; and we can continue the long-standing fashion tradition. Let’s just be faux about it.

Chocolate Brown

A rich, tanned hue is a key element in fall wardrobes, this year even more than others. It sets the tone for the change of leaves and nature’s turn toward colder temps. And it’s just a perfect neutral to weave into any outfit, or fully base any outfit upon.

Furthermore, this is obviously a color that you’ll find in every single price point under the sun, and because it can be the foundation of any outfit, it’s a great place to focus your seasons’ clothing spend.

What Makes A Trend Something You Should Invest In?

Timeless Design

As mentioned above, you want to look for pieces whose designs transcend time. That is, you can wear them now, and 50 years from now. Think about how major trends come back over and over again. Wrap dresses and flared jeans are great examples of items that transcend time.

Diane Von Furstenberg created the ultimate timeless dress when she designed her first wrap dress. I wonder if she knew back then what a hit this style would be?

Designs that fall into the timeless category are generally simpler in nature, with fewer bells and whistles. They’ll be designs that focus more on fitting the body in a graceful and subdued way, rather than looking harsh or standing out too much.

Cost Per Wear

I’ve mentioned it before here, and I’ll say it again. One of the ultimate factors in judging whether a purchase is financially smart is how it breaks down into Cost Per Wear.

Cost Per Wear = (The Price You Paid For The Item) / (How Many Times You Wore It)

Even an inexpensive item can prove to be an unwise purchase if you never wear it. Have you ever made an impulse buy at Target because something seemed so cute, only to end up never wearing it?

I once purchased a swim cover-up for I don’t know, maybe $25? And I’ve only worn it twice. I keep telling myself I’m going to wear it, and then once I put it on, I just realize that I don’t love it on me. So basically this cost me $12.50 each time I wore it. (*rolls eyes*)

Compare that purchase to a Show Me Your Mumu romper that I paid roughly $150 for last summer, but I’ve literally worn it at least 75 times. So this brings my cost per wear down to $2 per wear. I’ve gotten so much use out of it, that it’s been completely worth the money I spent. And I’m not throwing it out anytime soon (if you’ve been reading LUXYMOM™ for a while, you’ll know that I’m a clothes hoarder and rarely throw out my purchases) – so I’ll continue to see my cost per wear decrease on this romper over time.

Does It Actually Represent Your Personal Style

When you’re investing in the trends, think about what pieces actually fit your personal style. Try to work the trends into your style, rather than changing your style to fit the trend.

Are you a boho chic girl like Rachel Zoe? Are you more of a classic lady, like Jennifer Aniston? Are you Jackie O?

Think about what type of style represents who you are, and purchase items that reflect it.

Here’s an example: One of the Fall 2017 fashion trends is sparkly, glittery boots. Every designer, from J. Crew to Chanel, has jumped on this bandwagon. But I won’t be joining in anytime soon. You see, this just doesn’t fit my personal style or my lifestyle. I’m not a girl who even really likes this look, except for maybe a rare moment when it makes a really cool statement.

So you see, it wouldn’t make sense for me to purchase a pair – and most especially an expensive pair – just because it’s a trend. I’ll forego this one, and put my money on other trends that I’ll actually wear, and that will fit into my lifestyle.

Shop These Styles

You can shop all of my picks for the fur, vintage florals, and chocolate brown trends, below.

The only item that you can’t purchase directly through my website is the Longchamp Le Foullone shoulder tote, which is available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s. I’ve linked a few other styles from Longchamp, though, as well as a gorgeous tote from Madewell. Happy shopping!