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The Ultimate Back To School Fashion Guide For Moms


It’s the beginning of August, and I just purchased all my kids’ back to school supplies this morning. And while I’m now looking at all the fall clothing out there, I’m also thinking, what about us moms! Why has buying back to school fashion for moms not been made a bigger deal? It’s just as important to us that we look presentable and feel great in our fall clothing. After all, we will be running into all the teachers and our kids’ friends’ parents as we do pick up and drop off at the schools. I’ve put together this Ultimate Back To School Fashion Guide For Moms – and I hope you’ll find it useful and enjoy it! I’ll be updating this guide every year, so save this link and keep it handy!

Why We Should Buy Back To School Outfits For Moms

Fall is a transitional, and versatile, season. Designers and stores offer so many layering pieces, because we need to be able to dress for seasonal temperature changes. By buying clothes for yourself at this time, especially everyday cute casual outfits, you’ll be able to wear a lot of the pieces year-round. It’s a great time to buy efficiently and smartly – basics with some beautiful add-on pieces. You can really plan out a great wardrobe and build it out without spending too much and going over your budget.

Back To School Outfits Mommy Styles

7 Cute Casual Outfit Ideas From Celebrity Moms For Your Back To School Wardrobe

I always look to my favorite celebrity moms for outfit inspiration, and this is especially true for fall outfit ideas and back to school outfit ideas for myself. As a mom, this makes my shopping so much easier, because a) I can see what’s in style – you can rest assured that your favorite celebrities are dressing on-trend and stylishly, since they are photographed so often; and b) I can plan out how to style all the different pieces I buy, creating a really efficient mix and match wardrobe that looks like it came out of a celebrity’s closet!

Take a peek at how these celebrity moms are styling their transitional wardrobes.

Rachel Zoe

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I know, I know. I include Rachel Zoe quite a lot in my celebrity mom line-up. But that’s because she really is one of the most stylish celebrity moms on the planet. And being that she’s been a stylist for basically her entire career, she’s a master at putting together stylish outfits. And now she’s a master at mom-life, too, as the mom to two little boys (I fully understand what that is like, too. Mom of two boys, here).

In this US Weekly article, Zoe talks about back to school fashion for moms and kids, and tells us how she factors practicality into her everyday wardrobe choices. I agree this is super important. You want to be able to move around in your clothes all day long.

Leslie Mann

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She’s an ageless beauty, and a mom to two girls. Her style is super chic, and she talks about how her daughters affect her outfit choices in this article.

Brooklyn Decker

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Reese Witherspoon

Embed from Getty Images

You know you can trust her for mom style inspiration, because not only is she an actress with access to the best stylists, she’s now the owner of a clothing line that sells gorgeous designs!

Kristin Bell

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Kristin Cavallari

Embed from Getty Images

She’s a reality star, a designer, and an entrepreneur who is building a style empire. She’s a successful mom who you can trust for outfit inspiration, and I often look to her style when figuring out what to wear. Read more about her style in this interview with Fashionista.com.

Chrissy Tiegen

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The Best Items To Include In Your Fall Back To School Wardrobe

Back to school outfits for moms - jeans and blouse - LUXYMOM

A great pair of mom jeans

No, I do not mean a shapeless pair of grungy denim. I mean a super sexy, super flattering pair of jeans that you can just as easily run errands in or play with your kids in, as you can wear them out to dinner with your significant other or your girlfriends. I’ve written the ultimate guide to styling the perfect pair of mom jeans – and I want you to make sure to check it out as part of your back to school shopping. It’s going to make your shopping experience so much easier and more fun.

In that same article, I mentioned that I took a poll among my mom fashion blogger friends, and 99% of them chose high-rise jeans as their favorite style after having kids – because they really do a good job of sucking in your middle, and they’re super flattering. The other bloggers chose mid-rise. And none of them – NONE –  chose low-rise. We all know that this will create the dreaded muffin top after you have babies and have that little extra bit of fluff around your middle as many of us moms do.

It doesn’t matter what cut you buy – skinny, flared, boyfriend – as long as they fit well! This may take a lot of patience on your part, as jeans are notorious for being really hard to find the right fit. But once you do, it’ll be SO worth it – so hang in there, and don’t forget to read that guide I linked above – it’ll give you all the tips you need. You can also grab my ultimate jeans shopping checklist here.

Get the ultimate jeans shopping checklist for back to school! http://bit.ly/2M9euh4 #shopping #backtoschool #backtoschoolshopping #momjeans Click To Tweet

A classic blazer

A tailored blazer is one of the easiest ways to add style and class to your outfit, and make it transition nicely from warm weather to cool, and from summer to fall. You can pair a blazer over a tank top, a cami, a t-shirt, a button-down blouse, and even over a cashmere sweater (like my favorites from J.Crew). It’s SO easy to do.

I suggest starting with a neutral colored blazer like black, navy, or grey. You’ll be able to get a lot of use out of these styles.

You can then branch out and use brightly colored or patterned blazers to give your outfits a pop and add personality to your style.

A stylish alternative to a blazer – which will give your look a street-style edge – can be found here in this tweed bomber blazer. It’s by Chicago Fashion Designer Katie Farnan, and I think you’re going to love it.

A cozy cardigan

A cozy cardigan is the more casual sister to the classic blazer. It’ll give your outfit a cozy fall vibe, and will give your outfit a stylish, casual vibe. I love ones with a little bit of shape or a great design element. Check out the fall cardigans below! I also love to belt a cardigan, like this picture on our Pinterest page.

A stylish pair of neutral colored booties

Oh, how I love bootie season. I just can’t get enough of them. They’ll give your outfits such personality, and you can find them in so many styles. They’re the perfect transition shoe, to take you from summer to fall, and eventually, from winter to spring to summer again! I’ve curated some beautiful fall booties below! Have fun shopping these styles now!

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