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The 5 pairs of shoes you always need – your perfect shoe capsule


I often get asked what shoes a woman NEEDS to have in her closet. And this is a very good question, and also very daunting for so many women. But the answer is really simple. There are five pairs of shoes every woman needs. And these five pairs of shoes will get you through almost every single outfit you could possibly imagine.

We have capsule wardrobes for clothes, but consider this your definitive shoe capsule wardrobe. It will never do you wrong.

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Stock up on these five types of shoes and be prepared for any and every occasion. 

Little White Sneaker

From Keds in the 80s to Golden Goose, Converse, and Gucci, the little white sneaker is rampant in fashion. And there’s good reason for this. It’s really versatile! Shop our favorite of-the-moment white sneakers below.

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Black Pump

This is the little black dress of shoes. You need a great black pump, period. This shoe will get you through the work-day and into the cocktail hour. Shop our favorite black pumps below.

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Nude Pump

I’ve found since moving South that I wear less black and more neutrals and bright colors. And this is why having a nude-colored pump is a great addition to your wardrobe. See our favorite nude pumps, below.

Nude Flat

Another great basic, the nude flat is there for you on your more casual days and when you just don’t have it in you to wear a full-on heel. It’s also great for busy moms who are running around all day and don’t want to risk a rolled ankle carrying a kid on one hip (been there, done that). See our favorite picks below.

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Black Flat

Last – but certainly not least – is a black flat. The flat counterpart to your black pumps, and the color opposition to your nude flats, these will always come in handy. Wear them with anything from a cocktail dress to a t-shirt and jeans. Shop our faves below.

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