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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Moms – What She Really Wants This Valentine’s Day


Blog Post - LUXYMOM's™ Valentine's Day Gift Guide - What to Get Moms for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Wouldn’t you agree it’s nice to have one day, above all others, that allows us to share with the ones we love, JUST HOW MUCH we love them? Like the rest of you, I love to give a special or sentimental gift on Valentine’s Day. Not just to my hubby, but to my other family members and friends who I love so dearly. So what are some great gifts for the fashionable and style-obsessed LUXYMOMs™ in your life? Here’s LUXYMOM’s™ official Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Moms. Your question of what to buy moms for Valentine’s Day is answered below.

The Typical (But Stylish) Valentine’s Day Gifts

Some gifts are very cliche. But that’s okay – they’re cliche in a good way, and because they really feel romantic. Lingerie, perfume, silk anything, chocolates, they all make this list. I’ve curated some really great finds – ones that I, and most any mom, would be happy to receive ANYday! Click on any of the images below to shop.

The Not So Typical Gifts

These are the gifts that at first glance you may not think a mom would love. But I’d beg to differ. I think every mom would love to receive the following gifts for Valentine’s Day. Give these a whirl, and I bet she’ll actually be really happy. Also, these are great gifts for kids (or grown-up kids) to give their moms. Sweats and Lounge Wear, and even an At-Home Spa Set-Up make this list.

I don’t know about you, but my husband loves it when I rock a cute athleisure or lounge outfit. That’s just as sexy to him as beautiful lingerie, and I can actually wear it around the house with my two kids walking around! I don’t always need to go out or indulge in food and wine (although I love that plenty)… but give me a moment of silence in a steamy, rose-scented soaking tub, with my music of choice and no toddlers to entertain… and I’ll give you whatever you want for the rest of the night! Moms, are you with me here?!


The Blow Her Mind Gifts

You could take this to mean blow your wallet, and you’d be right… because I’m taking this section to the next level of luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for moms.

Louboutin, Chanel, Gucci… diamonds, pearls, and gold… vintage champagne and La Perla. If you have one day a year to get her something of this caliber, Valentine’s Day is the day to give a luxury gift. Don’t you agree that these pieces are stunning? You definitely can’t go wrong with any of these – her smile will be ear to ear! And if you do buy one of these pieces, will you please write to me and tell me how it went over? I’d love to know!

The Melt Her Heart Gifts

Sentimental gifts for mom are the sweetest of the bunch. Heartfelt poems, framed family photos, a gift that really gets to the heart of who she is and shows you think she’s very special to you.

Fill a stunning picture frame like the one below with a beautiful family photo and leave it on her nightstand. A memory so easily accessible is one of the most thoughtful and wonderful gifts, always… and if she travels for work, consider getting her a travel frame that she can put up on her hotel room nightstand. Or create a lovely family photo album from a unique album like the one I found here. And items that will always wow include monogrammed household items (and monogrammed anything, basically), personalized jewelry, and birthstone jewelry for moms.


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