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The Make-Up Tutorial You Can Use With All Products


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Make-up tutorial videos are obviously all the rage. They’re splattered all over my Instagram and Facebook feeds, and I usually give them no more than a ten-second glance. But the other day, I was mesmerized by a make-up tutorial that caught my eye – and I ended up watching the entire eight-minute clip! And then I obsessed about how real it was and how I could actually re-create this look with make-up I already owned (some of it was actually what was being advertised, and some of it, much less expensive).

Watch The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Make-Up Tutorial Video…

Below is the Charlotte Tilbury make-up tutorial that I couldn’t put down. And below that, I’m linking to all the products she mentioned in the video, PLUS I’m linking to less pricey counterparts that will give you similar results. 

Try this Charlotte Tilbury look on yourself – either with her products, or other brands you already own!

… And Re-Create This Look For Yourself!

Using Charlotte Tilbury Products

Here are all the items Charlotte used in creating this look. Scroll down further for products that are less expensive!

Using Less Expensive Products.

Okay, ladies. If you were to buy everything listed above, that’s a whopping number. So big, I don’t even want to add it up (queue the face palm). So, here’s a more affordable list of products below that will net you the same result for a lot less change.

Woila! You’re So Fab!

I can only hope we all end up looking like the stunning model in this video, and I hope you try this look and share it with us using the hashtag #luxymomstyle – it’s how we’ll find you and possibly feature you on our site – something we’re adding in the near future!

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