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What to Get Moms – February Birthday Gift Guide


February Birthday Gift Guide for Moms - Beach Theme Gifts - LUXYMOM™ Blog Post - Pinterest

Here are the hottest fashion and style gifts for moms with February birthdays. This is our official February Birthday Gift Guide for moms. She’ll love and appreciate anything on this list, so if you’ve been wondering what to get her for her birthday, look no further. And if you’re a mom yourself, go ahead and share this article with your loved ones to give them a sweet little nudge. And if you give or get something from this gift guide, won’t you please report back and share with us what you got and how it went over?! We’d love to know!

The Hottest Fashion and Style Gifts for Moms with February Birthdays

February is one of those in between months. If you live in the North, you’re freezing your face off and dreaming of beach days or tropical vacays. If you’re in the South, it’s starting to warm up already. So for February birthdays, we’re highlighting a plethora of resort wear and accessories items that will make the perfect gifts and allow the moms in your life to look forward to warmer days ahead.


When us moms want to hit the beach, we really do want to do it in style. But shopping for a bathing suit is SO. MUCH. WORK. And not to mention really frustrating. And then what if we get the wrong size. (This is a gift best gotten for someone whose size you generally know). But even though this category can be a little daunting, it’d still be really nice to receive a beautiful bathing suit as a birthday gift! So, we’ve gone ahead and picked a few really cute swim suits that would make great gifts for moms. Please, though – ALWAYS save a gift receipt or your original receipt in case she needs to return for a different size.


These are one of the best beachy gifts to give a mom. While we love our swimsuits, nothing says comfort more than a cute cover-up that fits nicely over our curves. They’re perfect for lounging poolside or throwing on over our suits when we have to chase little ones around the beach. We’ve pulled some of the absolute cutest cover-ups that are out right now.

Beach Bags and Towels

Accessories are so much fun! Beach bags and towels are where you can find so many beautiful, colorful prints. A huge pineapple towel is never out of place at the beach, now is it?! We say, have fun with these types of accessories. And for a super fabulous gift, why not roll up a beach towel and a good book or magazine into one of these cute beach totes? She’s sure to love it!

Sun-Kissed Beauty Products

When in doubt, beauty products make amazing gifts. If you stick to neutral colors, you’ll be able to help her achieve a sun-kissed glow on almost any complextion. And there are so many beautiful bath and body products like shower gels, lotions, and perfumes that embody the sea. Pair a few different pieces and wrap them in a beautiful box or gift bag for a stand-out presentation!

Sandals and Beach Footwear

Few things go better together than women and shoes, am I right? We’ve found some beautiful pairs – both flip flops and heels – that’ll look great on every woman, and that will fit every budget. Shoes are such a fun gift to receive, that we’ll recommend them almost every time!

We hope you loved our gift guide for moms with February birthdays. If you need more gifting inspiration, you can visit our Valentine’s Day gift guides, here and here. These items would also make great birthday gifts for the moms in your life! Happy shopping!




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